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Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by sajjad amer, Apr 5, 2018.

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    The 2270 user manual (available here or hifiengine) explains the use of the multi path switch on page 11.


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  2. catrafter

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    The 2270 FM signal strength meter is driven off the P551 board (H553), so it is possible that you simply have no power to the P300 FM decoder board.
    Since the AM works, the 13V power supply (J801) should be OK. I would look for a broken wire at J303 or one of the connecting points. The wire probably is daisy chained at several points on it's way from J801 to the P300 board.

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  3. Scotteboy

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    Hi , although it was addressed here I am going to say that I think c183 is in backwards. On all my boards and looking at boards for sale on the bay I have the negative going to the outside of the board (the silkscreen indicates positive to the outside of the board ) This is probably not the problem but worth reversing. I would also check voltages on H502 and polarity on C551. If all is okay you might try adjusting incoming muting on the back panel or deselect muting on the front panel to see if you get sound on FM.
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