Marantz 2325 power amp, H704 & H705 ?

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by x-rayrad, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. x-rayrad

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    During the rebuild of the amp board (P700) noticed H704 & H705 are 2SA722 & 2SC1845, schematic calls out 2SA720 & 2SC1318. Both channels are the same. Any one know which is correct?
  2. Jailtime

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    Probably just a mid production change, and Marantz didn't bother to update the schematic or service data. KSA992 and KSC1845 are modern subs if you're looking to replace them.
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  3. quaddriver

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    720/1318 is a not-uncommon marantz pairing and they handle more (milli)watts than the 992/1845 pairing. On a machine I am doing I went a bit larger since they are drivers on a small 10w machine...YMMV - what are they in the circuit, given no SCM in front of me...
  4. x-rayrad

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    They follow the differential amp, just a stage before the pre-drivers.

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