Marantz CD-110...anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by LoStrings, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. LoStrings

    LoStrings Active Member

    I went to a audio show recently, and on a table at one of the booths in the merchandise area I seen a Marantz CD-110 cd player. I thought it looked kinda unique with the door that opened to expose the tray, and the display. I know Marantz had a mini system, and this cd player was part of that. Anyone have experience, or own this unit? I think it might make a decent transport to use with a DAC, or I read that it has a 1bit, 8 times oversampled DAC in the unit. I am curious how it sounds with the internal DAC.


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  2. RichPA

    RichPA Don't drive angry Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    I had one until a couple of days ago :) I thought it sounded good, and that it worked well as a transport. Cute, too.

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