Marantz prices are up,up,up!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by mike0565, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. slowpat

    slowpat Slowly but surely.... Subscriber

    SF Bay Area, CA
    Nothing more to add from me, but I love both Marantz and McIntosh. Both have those nice blue glow...and Mc gear has gone crazy as well, especially any amp with meters. The MC2505 has doubled in price over the past few years...
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  2. ccheath

    ccheath Got an Idea! Subscriber

    Sacramento, CA.
    I have a 2385 I been wanting for some time before. When I got it, it was a fixer for around $450. Now, it's not for sale. I also wanted a Pioneer SX-1980 and was planning to buy it when it drops to $500 but NEVER happened. I ended up paying $3200 with a malfunctioning power supply board. I had enough money at the time and figure I better just get it before it reaches even higher. That's not for sale either or I'll probably never get another.
  3. mgl99

    mgl99 New Member

    Back in 2008 & 09 I was working out of state and making good money. After the market tanked, prices on ebay plummeted. I would sit in my motel room at night after work and ended up buying several Marantz receivers, and other 70's vintage pieces with the intent of rebuilding them and reselling when I retire. I'm almost at that point now, so I've been pulling out some the stuff I bought back then which has been stored in one of my buildings for 10 years or more. Problem is I had forgotten what I had up there. First one that came out of a box was a 2270, then a 2275, then a Yamaha CA-1000, then a Dual model 721 turntable. I've gotten these all rebuilt over the past year so far. Fortunately, when I bought this gear, I only bought things in good physical condition (not necessarily working correctly). On the bench now, is a second 2270 that I'm in the process of working on. Hopefully, when I start selling some things pretty soon, my efforts will have paid off.
  4. nan-dav

    nan-dav New Member

    Scottsdale, Arizona
    I may not have always made the best choices in life but one thing is certain, I did make the right choice back in 1974 when I purchased new, a Marantz 2270 ($389) with Walnut Case ($29), a Thorens TD160 TT ($152), and in 1975, a pair of Alison Two Speakers ($598). After 44 years, I took some pics after some minor repairs and shined up the wood with Howard Feed-In-Wax. Needless to say, my vinyl record collection from the 60' and 70's includes most of the major groups of the day. Enjoy.

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  5. stereofisher

    stereofisher For the Love of the Music Subscriber

    Southeast NY
    Price indeed have gone up. Paid $350 for a 2252. Liked how it sounded in my friend's record store. Had to have it. Though I thought it was high at the time. Bought a 4270 from an AKer for $300 that took the place of the 2252 in my bedroom. About a month ago I made an offer on a 2270 for $500. Sold as is. Wasn't packed particularly well and bent the front lower panel which I bent back. Hard to see. In the Eprey pic all the lights work except the signal strength meter. It arrives with all lights out except one. Fixed that. Last the power switch cover was gone leaving the black switch underneath.functional but ugly. Had it on the bedroom system, worked great for a week. Put the 2252 in its place. When working the 2270 had a warmer sound. I am very pleased with it tied to my JBL L26s. Took the 2270 to the bench. Upstairs I had distortion on the left channel. Reversed speaker hook ups to make sure all was well with the L26s. While I had the Dual unhooked I replaced a crabby audio cable and cleaned the contacts on the arm. That's all good. The 2270 likes my bench. Has worked well for a week. Never has acted up in a week it been down there?? Did pull the front off. Hit the controls with contact cleaner again just to make sure I had not missed anything. Was suggested the speaker relay might be acting up. Nothing there. Kinda hate bringing it up as they weigh a ton. Now if I can catch it conking out on the left side? I do have another 4270 in my livingroom that works well but sits most the time. Good news was it was free. It may find its way to my sleeping quarters. Glad I have what I want now. All my Dual's (4) have also gone up too. Did get 2 Sanyp 2700 Quad receivers for $100 each. With the Maramtz stuff moving around I have one hooked up a my bench amp. The little guy sounds pretty good. But that another story.


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