Marantz prices are up,up,up!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by mike0565, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. DAY4201

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    Just picked up a Marantz 2226 at a thrift store. It is quite dirty but generally works. I am looking for a BOM as I would like to do some restoration. Did a quick search but nothing came up. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but does anyone have a fairly recent BOM for the 2226? Thanks!


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  2. stereofisher

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    Southeast NY
    Couple of updates. Bob (whld1610) did a nice refurb on the 2270. These have gone way up price wise. Find one and have it gone other. Bob spent at least 30 hours on mine. Recapped the phono boards, power supply. Had bad outputs on one side. Went through the FM too. You would not believe the bag of parts that came out of it. While waiting I got a new five element antenna for it. Living in Kingston N.Y. I get several NYC stations. We don’t have a NY Yankees station here. It pulls the city station now. Too bad they can’t get rid of Susan Waldman. Never liked her. Also get WNYC. Too bad it’s mostly talk. No more classical. Bob did his magic!

    Did find a Marantz 1030. $130 with shipping. Cleaned up nicely. There deal out there. Though only 15 per channel it works well in my shop as a test amp. very pleased with it. Just takes longer to find deals!
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  3. oldgearhog

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    Twin Cities, MN
    I did find a 2220B at a used stereo shop back in the day when they actually existed. Played $50 for it. Wirked great but all the lights were out. Then It sat in my basement for some time, until I pulled it out and started fixing it. I had some problems on the way but recently pulled it out again and started fixing it up a bit. Now it works great except it won't go into stereo FM. About 8.5/10 cosmwrically.

    I especially like the modular design. I have a couple of Technics, Pioneer, etc. from that era and they have two or three big boards. The only thing I have like the Marantz is a Sherwood that I am currently rebuilding the phono stage of and recapping the power supply and some other signal coupling caps.

    The only heretical statement I have is that I'm not totally fond of the looks of them.:eek: To each his own I guess.

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