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    Marantz 2220B serial number #U353553

    One more for the 2220B. This time on P800 power board. The board diagram and parts list in the service manual show H803 as DS-131B and H804 as DS-132B dual diodes. These positions should actually be reversed, as H803 is DS-132B and H804 is DS-131B. This is also confirmed in the schematic which doesn't list the part numbers but does show the proper positions for these common cathode and common anode dual diodes.
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    2220B. On the schematic diagram the polarity of the negative rail filtering capacitor (C004) is reversed.
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    On the 2325 schematic it says HE03 and HE04 are HT313272A / 2SC1327ST and HE05 and HE06 are HT107212A / 2SA721ST but HE03 and HE05 are npn transistors while HE04 and HE06 are pnp transistors so the correct data is HE03 and HE05 are HT313272A / 2SC1327ST, HE04 and HE06 are HT107212A / 2SA721ST
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    Marantz 2245
    R730 and R731 are listed as 47k in parts list, then listed as 47ohms in schematic.
    Check of color bands and resistors on two 2245 phono boards verifies that they are indeed 47 ohms 1/4 watt.
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    Marantz 2230 schematic error, R755 as per schematic 5.6 kOhms. parts list and pcb shows 3.9 kohms, so right value is 3.9k, as a note, every picture found in the net shows 3.9k

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    Marantz 1122DC service manual errors
    As noted when working on serial #92U080059

    PE01 Tone Control Board:
    CE01/02 - manual says 0.47uf but actually 1uf
    CE13/14/15/16 - manual says 0.033uf but actually 0.018uf
    CE19/20 - manual says 0.47 but actually 0.047uf
    CE29/30 - manual says 0.027uf but actually 0.015uf

    P400 Phono Amp/Selector:
    C403/404 - manual says 10pf but actually 20pf
    C405/406 - manual says 6v/33uf but actually 16v/100uf
    C411/412 - manual says 20pf but actually 10pf

    P700 Main Amp Board:
    C701/702 - manual says film but actually ceramic
    C715/716 - manual says 100v/22uf but actually 35v/22uf
    C717/718 - manual says film but actually ceramic
    C719/720 - manual says film but actually ceramic
    QT01/02 - manual says 2sc945 but actually 2sc735
    QT03/04 - manual says 2sa733 but actually 2sa562
    R727/728/729/730 - manual says quarter watt but actually half watt

    P850 Power Supply Board:
    C853 - manual says 160v/270uf but actually 160v/220uf
    R851 - manual says 100 ohm but actually 47 ohm
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    Hi all,

    I have converted a 4400 service manual to MS-Word. the purpose here is to be able to check with you all if the approach is worth the effort (took me about a 6 hours using an OCR tool and correcting and enhancing the word document after).
    The purpose is to have document which can be enhanced with the corrections (such as the ones in this thread), tips and tricks, ... to the manual. Pictures can be added such as how does an expected signal look on the scope, ....
    The document could enhanced in collaborative mode.

    I did one, but the thinking that we create a team of volunteers who could work on these.
    it took me about 6 hours to get the current result. With the learning and the fact most service manuals are shorter, the exercise should take less time now.
    I am looking for a way to upload the document somewhere - any tips. Can't do it in AK it seems.
    But I can send via email to anyone who is interested.

    Would be great to have your thoughts.


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