Marantz Service Manual error thread

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Jailtime, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    2252 serial 0041970

    Service manual and Schematic from hifi-E.

    issue 1: P200 tuner board

    C307, is listed as a polarized .22uf 50V cap between pins 10/11 of the HA1196

    found instead .22uf BP 50V electrolyte

    using the 'replace what I found' methodology, I dipped into my tube radio stuff and used a .22uf 50v poly cap.

    Issue 2: P700 Main Amp board

    in the center of the SCM is the relay protection circuit.

    You will note that the screen print lists C730 and C731 which are NO WHERE on the SCM. The SCM lists C722 twice.

    IN this instance the C722 220uF-10v is really C731 on the screen print

    and C721 in the SCM that is 47uF-16V is really C730 on the screen print.

    Orientations are correct however so replace as found.


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