Marantz Service Manual error thread

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Jailtime, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    2252 serial 0041970

    Service manual and Schematic from hifi-E.

    issue 1: P200 tuner board

    C307, is listed as a polarized .22uf 50V cap between pins 10/11 of the HA1196

    found instead .22uf BP 50V electrolyte

    using the 'replace what I found' methodology, I dipped into my tube radio stuff and used a .22uf 50v poly cap.

    Issue 2: P700 Main Amp board

    in the center of the SCM is the relay protection circuit.

    You will note that the screen print lists C730 and C731 which are NO WHERE on the SCM. The SCM lists C722 twice.

    IN this instance the C722 220uF-10v is really C731 on the screen print

    and C721 in the SCM that is 47uF-16V is really C730 on the screen print.

    Orientations are correct however so replace as found.


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  2. blhagstrom

    blhagstrom Mad Scientist, fixer. Subscriber

    Duvall, Washington
    Marantz 2215
    Tuner MPX board P400
    Capacitor C414, 33uf, 6.3V (service manual lists it as a 10V)

    BOTH the silk screen on the board AND the service manual board image are wrong.
    Positive (+) is towards the inside of the board.
  3. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    Marantz 2230 serial 152630

    P400 board (tone) There are 2 .47-50v films at R418/R419 on the screen print that are NOT in the schematic from hifi-E

    I replaced what I found with WIMA films.

    The SCM on hifi-E does say there will be C416/C417 that are .47uf 25v polarized, but Ill be danged if I can find them.

    Mebbe a missing rev from the hifi E doc? The SM and corresponding SCM *here* is the same.
  4. TubeJunkie

    TubeJunkie Master of None Subscriber

    8AEF5BFC-E4BB-4BDE-819E-CA34615A8DEA.jpeg Marantz 2252b . C701 (3.3uf) is installed backawards or silkscreen of cap or board is wrong? Someone please verify?

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  5. wurlyman

    wurlyman Active Member

    Sacramento, CA
    If that's the way you opened it up with the original cap and it had been working, I'd say the silkscreen is wrong on the board. Also the cap doesn't look distressed, no bulge or leakage. If the unit has been working always install the way you found it. It's not uncommon to find a mistake like that.
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  6. Oldsansui441

    Oldsansui441 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Victoria, Australia
    I just found exactly the same on a 1060 l am working on, the tantalums are measuring 2.2uF so will replace with 2.2uF films. Thanks for the heads up ChrisMarantz.


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  7. tri-comp

    tri-comp Well-Known Member

    Just repaired a 1060(e) amp. (S/N: 528709) with no sound from right channel.
    With external signal supplied to Main-In RCA sockets the problem persisted so clearly had to be on the P700 board.
    DC check on the pre-amplifying transistor H701 shows zero Volt on all pins so evidently it's not receiving any supply voltage through R709.
    Voltage across C703, which is not short-circuited is also zero Volt, so problem must be further up the supply chain.
    Here R707 is found to be 100% open.
    Now about errors or production changes:
    In the original schematic supplied with the amp. and on any other schematic and service-manuals I've seen for the 1060, the values for R707 is 18KOhm and for R709 is 5,6KOhm. Besides R759 8,2KOhm is present across C703.
    In the real world R759 is absent, as shown on the attached P700 components layout.
    Further more R707 is 33KOhm and R709 is 3,9KOhm.
    A check on R708, the left channel counterpart for R707 showed it to be out of spec's at 44,5KOhm.
    Clearly it was also far down the road to oblivion.
    This made me think about possible causes for this resistor to go belly-up.
    In this 1060 both resistors were covered with spilled glue used to fixate C703 & C704.
    I've seen old glue become conducting and to heavily corrode component leads.
    If this is actually the cause of the resistor failure, many 1060 amp's should be showing this problem around now.
    A quick way to check for possible issues would be to measure the DC voltage at the upper ends of R707/R708.
    Here you should find around +13V at volume fully down.
    Half a Volt +/- is OK, but voltages should be similar within 0,5V.

    Marantz 1060 019_r_.JPG 1060_P700-pcb.jpg 1060_P700-sch.JPG
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  8. Lman

    Lman Active Member

    RTP, NC
    Marantz 3300 pre-amp Tone board:

    R322 is empty but the parts list shows 1 meg 1/4 watt
    R317 is empty but the parts list shows 10K 1/4 watt
    C305 and C315 are listed as 82pf but are actually 27pf
  9. Johnny_Law

    Johnny_Law AK Member Subscriber

    West LA
    Just FYI ... mine is correct. C503/C504 are both screened correctly and correctly oriented in the manual. The + side goes to the emitter of H501 / H502.


  10. dcairns

    dcairns New Member

    The service manual for the SR4000 (from 1980 not the later AV receiver) has an error. On page 22 (23 of the pdf). Capacitors C801 and C802 are listed as 1,000 mF. That should be 10,000 mF.

    I have several of these receivers and they come equipped with 10,000 mF capacitors. 1,000 mF is way too small for the bridge rectifier smoothing capacitors on an amp this size. This came to my attention when I got one of these receivers that someone had dutifully installed 1,000 mf caps in.
  11. Jflijohn

    Jflijohn New Member

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Im curious if you have a schematic that shows H719. I have 2 boards that have it but its not on the drawing. Im not sure if the H719 was an earlier version and if so, how many versions there are for the 2275 P 700 ?


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  12. ConradH

    ConradH Addicted Member

    Canandaigua, NY
    Sorry, the unit wasn't mine. I would have downloaded the SM from hifiengine, but that's the only info I would have had. Anything else came from measurements at the bench or on the curve tracer.
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  13. foldthe

    foldthe New Member

    I have two different schematics for Marantz 18 driver board. Both were downloaded from hifi engine. One has q1001 as PNP. The other has q1001 as NPN. Which one is correct?
  14. foldthe

    foldthe New Member

    71AF3DD3-FB00-41FF-AA55-6599FE72AAC6.jpeg Original service manual 0603427C-C92E-4CB8-AA4A-BD633F5450FB.jpeg schematic file
  15. tonebells

    tonebells AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Q1001 is listed as a 34-1007 which is the same as Q1003 and Q1005.


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