Marantz SR5023 - protect mode when adj tonal balance

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Tjiptjoerie, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Tjiptjoerie

    Tjiptjoerie New Member

    Hello audiokarma peeps! This is my first post ever.

    I hope one of you can assist me.

    I have a very specific problem with a "defective" SR5023 which I got for free.

    It plays music fine but the only thing that seems off is that the receiver goes into protect mode specifically when changing tonal balance.

    I can open the tonal "menu" fine, but when I make a single adjustment POOF it goes into protect mode.

    It cycled in protect mode for about 5 times and then RESETS the tonal balance to 0 and continues normal operation.

    This is so weird and it's bugging me since it functions correctly otherwise.

    This seems so weirdly specific.

    I hope someone has an inkling of what's up :)


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