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MB50 or D1100

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by mg16listener, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. mg16listener

    mg16listener Member

    Hello everyone -

    Given these options which would you choose

    1. Sell D150 to friend and upgrade to D1100

    2. Get a MB50 and send digital out to D150, This would then be used for something like Spotify or Tidal for general listening. I would still use MCT450 for my SACDs and CDs.

    3. Something else?

    BTW - has anyone head of Mac introducing a new streaming product sometime this year?

    Thanks -


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  2. leftside

    leftside AK Member Subscriber

    Vancouver, Canada
    Easy choice. 1.
  3. jayvis

    jayvis Well-Known Member

    It depends on what your priority is at this stage of your system. The D1100 would be a fine preamp/DAC and the MB50 is an excellent streamer of both Spotify & Tidal. I'd probably go with the MB50 first to provide a music source you currently want and don't have. You'll be surprised by how good the MB50's internal DAC is and will have the option of using it or your D150's DAC. If you still feel the itch for a preamp/DAC upgrade, spring for the D1100 later. The D150 is no slouch.
  4. mg16listener

    mg16listener Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Not sure which way I will go. Most likely depended on when my friend wants to get the D150. I like the idea of the MB50 and it makes sense to be the next purchase.

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