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MC-3010 and a new approach to LEDs

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by quaddriver, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    I recently picked up a 3010 and a set of 'acoustic response' white van specials, for like $5.

    the speakers, while working are a crap shoot but the cabinets are mint, perhaps someone will want them. but the 3010 intrigued me.

    first off, every facet of it worked, albeit a scratchy volume and every light was ok 'cept 8 track track 2.

    so wth, I rebuilt it. since it has a real adult power supply, the entire board was worked, the tone board and the 8 track record board and of course the split phono board - this accepts MM or ceramic cartridges.

    Along the way, and to help headroom a bit, I decided to have the lighting section draw less power - LEDs!

    On this, white LEDs are going to turn the face from green to blue but I didnt want the spot light effect and I had been reading where many use lenses or vellum or what have you.

    Try this: the paper backing for armstrong self stick floor tiles. I happened to have a pile sitting in a corner as I do the house remodel and I took one I had cut from and fashioned a screen, folded the edges and glued it into the housing using speaker foam glue (which I swear is just 'simply speakers' version of unmarked model glue)

    I rectified the power, added a cap, then used 220ohm resistors for the drops. I increased from 3 lights to 6, 2 per position and then 2 leds for the tape meter lights. The pic is the result. The paper backing was opaque, but thin, and transmitted well.

    total cost: $0, total time, perhaps 20-30 minutes extra. fisher mc3010.jpg


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