McIntosh C20 - can and should I bring it back from the dead?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by neevo, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Outstanding! Watching with great interest!


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  2. neevo

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    Sydney, Australia
    Parts all cut up from 3 sections of pallet racking. Whilst I had an idea of how I wanted to do it, the plan is still evolving a little:


    A load of grinder dust that I had to clean up but I had the makings of a press. This is the plan for the layout:


    Not a huge amount of travel but it should be more than enough for the preamp. I wanted a fixed lower guide as I planned on having a rod through there that I will later attach a pressing die to.

    I also attached some l shaped steel to the bottom as legs and it now stands on its own.


    I wish I had some argon as I would have TIG welded it as my stick welding is appalling (don’t look too close), but again for setting 3mm rivets it should be more than enough. My bottle jack is only 2 ton anyway, so I’ll likely be limited by that.

    The big blue section of square tube is going to be the arm that the jack sits on. It will have the springs attached to it and underneath the rod for pressing will be attached.

    Here is the rod “test fitting”:


    All that’s left to is:

    1. Make the lower bracket the bottle jack
    2. Buy and attach 2 springs
    3. Make the lower section that is the base to press on

    The lower section I’ve changed the original plan. I now have 2 sections of the pallet racking that I will bolt together with 2 long sections of the pallet racking that’s been split down the middle. I’m hoping this will be strong enough to take the force of the jack. It will have steel pins through the uprights as with all shop press’ to adjust the height.

    The plan is the make a flat plate with another 12mm rod pointing upwards. Then I’ll have to make some dies and setters for the ends of the rods. Plenty wide and tall enough to get the whole amp in.

    Fingers crossed it works :dunno:

    Not bad for $12
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    Burlington, NJ
    So whats the motorcycle project in post number 300? So far, everything is looking great!

  4. neevo

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    Sydney, Australia
    You might be exposing me now. I’m a serial long term project poster :eek:

    I have a thread on DTT that’s stalled a bit (Audiokarmas fault) but I track all the posts here so people can just read the content:
  5. neevo

    neevo Super Member

    Sydney, Australia
    I’m nearly finished with my shop press. I’ve surprised myself with the fact it appears to work!

    The frame all done:


    Then I turned a couple of pins for the lower shelf:


    The lower shelf is a bolted together mash of parts:


    All together with loops for the springs:


    And the bottle jack in place:


    The springs I’d bought were too long so had to swap them over at Bunnings. The new ones are fine. I’d like a little shorter but the jack is adjustable and I can take up the slack with that:


    Here it is in action:

    I wanted to give it a run, despite the fact I need to do a lot more refining.


    It’s not the neat spread I’m after, but it’s significantly improved:


    I have to refine a few bits still; like shortening the upper rod as it’s bending slightly and I don’t need all that length. I also need to think of some solutions to getting the rivets set right by making a die and setter that I can attach to the upper rod and the lower shelf.

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