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McIntosh Modifications

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Mike Gibson, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. CDinMB

    CDinMB AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Melbourne, FL, USA
    Saw someone post a mod of an MC30, adding a 7h choke to the power supply replacing the 150ohm resistor. He showed a fair reduction in 60cycle distortion and multiple harmonics. But, I know from working with vintage fenders that adding a choke can change the overall tone of the amp and at least in that application isn't recommended. What is the experience here with this kind of mod?
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  2. dewickt

    dewickt Will fix about Anything

    Knoxville, TN
    As I remember it raises B+ giving more power, the side effect is under power it will be less musical on the bottom end with tighter bass.
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  3. Pio1980

    Pio1980 AK Member Subscriber

    Angel Station, Alabama
    The choke, depending on dcr, should give a somewhat 'stiffer' HV source, tho not as much as with solid state rectification.
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  4. FauxHall

    FauxHall Super Member

    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    I've a new-to-me MA6200. I'd love to replace the spring clip speaker connections with modern 5-way binding posts. I can live with two or even one speaker set. Down from the current three.

    Is this a difficult mod for the average shop? Any specific guidance or advice?

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