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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by damacman, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Definitely something made by Mc for Western Electric and/or Bell Labs. Roger Russell's site mentions two amplifiers which fit the description to some degree, the KS-16575-L1 (aka A-125/MI-10), and KS-16622-L1 (aka A-128/MI-30). His listing has both mentioned as using two 6L6(GC)s, and one 5U4. The markings in damacman's photo show two sets of chassis markings, both WE's own numbers and regular tube types, though this confuses further. The WE 422A indeed appears to be similar to the 5U4GB, but the WE 350B is closer in specs to the 6L6G than the 6550, which is what the secondary marking indicates. Rather curious, really......... :idea:


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  2. damacman

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    The amplifier in question is the ...
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    Yes ?
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  5. damacman

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    Gilbert, AZ
    11 - McIntosh A120
  6. gtech

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  7. damacman

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    Gilbert, AZ
    Here's a few that all Mc enthusiasts will enjoy. Let's see who has more useless information in their head than me . . .

    1. There were two McIntosh power amplifiers offered with RCA, 1/4" TRS, and XLR Inputs - which models are they?
    MC7200, MC2600
    2. What was the original SRP of the MC240 power amplifier?
    3. What McIntosh tube audio component has both a Compactron and a NuVistor tube in its complement? (caddy - you don't get to play on this one . . . )
    MX110 - units with the letter Z in the serial number
    4. Which was the very first direct coupled McIntosh power amplifier?
    5. Which McIntosh tuner came as a result of combining the strengths of an MR71 and the MR77?
    MR78 - complete story told in the McBook
    6. Which McIntosh preamplifier was the first to include an on-board headphone preamp?
    7. Name at least two industries that utilized McIntosh power amplifiers in a non-audio application?
    Modulating sonar, powering shake tables
    8. What fabled McIntosh amplifiers were the in-house favorites at Motown powering Altec 604s?
    9. What was the first McIntosh loudspeaker that was designed to be sold without the MQ equalizer?
    10. Name the company that had to license the rights to use a trademark licensed by McIntosh to resell their wares?

    Bonus question.

    11. Name a McIntosh power amplifier that was originally equipped with Western Electric output tubes.
  8. twiiii

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    west Texas
    Love the Mcintosh trivia questions. My favorite ones would be. 1. Which tube amp has the lowest distortion ratings. 2. Which amp for it size and weight puts out the most power? 3.Which single chassis Mac amp weighs the most and which one weighs the least? 4/5. Which was the first not to have an input volume control, which do you think will be the last to have a volume control? 6. Which was the first pre-amp to have a MC input, 7. which was the first to have line level out puts? 8. Was there ever a Mac pre-amp where the tape outputs were buffered? 9. Which unit had SS devices first? 10. Mac use to short out inputs on their pre-amps to prevent cross talk, when did that stop? 11. Which unit was the last to be built using a 16 inch wide face plate? 12, Which is the most versatile Mac pre-amp? 13. Will Mac ever ask Roger to come back and design another great line of speakers? 14. How many systems did Bozak build for Mcintosh? 15. Which Mac amps went to sea for the Navy? 16. Do you think Mac will ever build a HT processor or pre-amp with out knobs or volume controls?

    I don't have the answers to these questions. I have my suspicions. I am trying to learn something.

    1. MC 3500
    2. MC7200 or 7100? A 7200 rated at over 1200 watts combined below 2 ohms
    3. MC 1.2 k or a 602?
    4/5. no clue
    6. C-500 or 2300 ?
    7. C-28
    8. no
    9. MA 230
    10. no clue, but back in the day I had to install 50k series resistors when I used a tuner or a tape deck to feed multiple units from a single stereo out put. Other wise when you changed inputs on a MA 230 or other units for a different zone the signal would be shorted out.
    11. C-37, don't know which tuner
    12. I would say its a tie, C32,33,34 and C-40. Now if they just had a MC input so you didn't have deal with SUT's.
    13. ?
    14. ?
    15. Bunches. MI-75 and MI-200 for sure
    16. Crestron does.
    All these answers are off the top of my head, with no research, or manual diving. Just having some fun. So help me out please!
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  9. CruzBay

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    I didn't think there was much about Mcintosh you didn't know...

    Oh, and Tony; you got me on the TRS on the MC-2600- I'd never noticed them there.

    'course the thing hasn't moved for 19 years, and I used XLR connections in my pro life; not TRS when both were available.


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  10. Velocityboat

    Velocityboat Well-Known Member

    15. MC-2500 for sonar and ship PA systems. Also used by GM for assembly plant PAs

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