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  1. Dennis Gardner

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    I think that many audio systems are bought as much for their visual stimulation as they are for their aural satisfaction. To prove this, if Mac came out with
    a sound curtain that completely covered up the front of your audio gear, but sounded twice as good as the same setup without the curtain, I doubt that too many Mac owners
    would ever buy it unless it had big blue meters. Identity plays a lot in what we like. Ferrari doesn't make any flat black cars for a reason.....

    Love those SOTA tables BTW!
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  2. 4-2-7

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    I think a lot of mac owner like the equipment for the SQ and really nothing to do with ascetics. For one thing mac doesn't change their look much to stay with trendy looks. What they put out today will match what they built 20 years ago. I have mac amps that look alike but would have no problem selling the one I don't like the sound of as much as the one that looks the same but sounds different.

    I think non mac owner are more caught up on the looks drooling in show room windows, but once you own it your hear why you bought it.
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  3. Dmitry

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    I have to agree. The aesthetics of the MT10 are too over the top for me. It looks like an uber-expensive lava lamp. If I had a choice, I'd pick the MT5. And not just for the appearance.I think it presents much more bang for the buck.
  4. feinstei

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    For those of us who are members of the Steve Hoffman audiophile site, he was given the opportunity to put an MT-10 into his home/studio audio system and was very impressed with the sound. Here are some of his comments on it:
  5. DancingBlue

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    The MT10 is one of those rare pieces of audio gear that just doesn't photograph well.

    To me, it looks far, far better in person than in any photo I've seen, including McIntosh's own sales literature. I went to my dealer with the intent of getting an MT5 for the reasons you state, and they had a demo MT10 (with a new unopened cartridge) for way lower than retail. In person I found that no photograph I'd seen had done the MT10 justice, found it far more pleasing to look at than I had previously imagined, and so I went with it.
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  6. william13

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    I bought the MT10 because I loved its looks and I have a loyalty to the McIntosh brand because of many good experiences. I can't say it is beautiful as a fact and I can't say its ugly as a fact. Its in the eyes of the beholder right? So its silly comparing it to a lava lamp or any thing else with a bad connotation because thats just subjective. I am sure one can get as good sound for less but if you subjectively like the looks and if you have normal human hearing and you have the means to purchase I believe you will be very happy with it.
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    Agreed with your statements of McIntosh's sonic quality however styling consistency is also a critical element behind Mc's resale value as well to the brand's "mystique". I think any radical departure would not sit well with the majority of McIntosh clientele.
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