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    So this is odd. I have a laptop that I use for a source to the USB input on the MHA100. When I play Jriver, or Roon through it it is fine. When I stop and try to play Spotify or Tidal nothing comes out. I think it has to do with the software (Jriver/Roon) taking control of the McIntosh driver. I have figured out a work around, which is not too bad, but I wish I didn't have to remember to do this each time.

    This is what I have to do to make Spotify or Tidal work

    Step 1: Quit Roon Bridge
    Step 2: Sound Control / Change default to speakers
    Step 3: McIntosh Control Panel / Change to 192,000
    Step 4: Sound Control Panel / Change default to McIntosh
    Step 5: Relaunch Roon Bridge <- Just so I don't forget

    Once I do these steps it plays fine. I have repeated this over and over, it works every time. Anyone else experience any weird things like this?


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