Mini-tutorial: How to disassemble Marantz pushswitches for better cleaning/de-Oxiting

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Leicalover, Nov 30, 2009.

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    My experience:

    I had a sticky mono switch on a Marantz 2230 and despite trying Deoxit it would not work properly. Getting the switch apart was pretty easy and cleaning it was straightforward. My issue was getting the little metal pin at the top of the switch to go back in correctly. It took dozens of tries with lots of losing the pin and needing to go looking for it inside the unit. Many bad words were uttered.

    It is not for the feint of heart but sometimes there is no other options available other than replacing the whole switch. Just be prepared for a ;ot of trial and error and keep track of that little pin should it go off on its own adventure.
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    I've had dozens of vintage Marantz come through here and most had dirty and or stuck switches. IME, they were all cleanable without taking them apart. The flush method works. I put a 90 degree bend at the end of the straw to better target the seams.
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    Well, if you look there's also a hole in the top of the switch body. Fill the whole damn body with D5 and work it around. Between that, and shooting it in from the front only the worst should still be a problem.
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    Great thread!

    This thread gave me the inspiration to tackle my 2230 and give the switches and knobs a good going over.

    My 2230 would crackle, buzz, and the left channel would come and go- but now, all is well!

    I didn't take the push switches apart- I just shot some D5 in, worked them back and forth several times, then hit them with some F5, and worked them some more.

    I had that wacky blue power switch, that would feel really sluggish, and didn't go on & off easily- I hit it with some D5, and worked it back & forth for a while, and wow, what a difference. It's not perfect, but works MUCH better.

    In the near future, a recap is coming!
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    Hello Mr. harleyrider: I did exactly what you mentioned on your tutorial. My Marantz 2220 looks brand new now. THANKS !!!!

    From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alex.
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    Outstanding info, sure makes life easy for the rank amateur, with a little mechanical abilities
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    I had to replace a busted button, thank goodness this topic was posted. All went well except for getting the rascal back together. I used some floss to tie sides of the spring compressed and just cut it with a razor blade. I don't know how in the world a guy could get that little retainer slipped back in without that spring compressed. Hope this helps anyone doing this task.:beerchug:

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    How do you remove the aluminium covers of the botton? thank you
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    Try freezing them and then drop them into a pot of hot water. It rapid expansion should pop the glue holding the plastic insert. Use the right size screw driver to twist the insert. Just a suggestion. Good luck
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    sorry for the late response, I am not here much often any more.....

    Just pull them down. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. If not, don't pull too heavy, there is the risk, that the shaft will break.
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    i have also gently slipped a tiny jewelers screwdriver under the top to get the spray in there

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