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Minidisc help with choose between Mds J920 or Je510 or JE440 ??

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by PELUDITO, Apr 9, 2018.


    PELUDITO Lennon lives

    Tres Arroyos city - Argentina
    Hi everybody since a long time, i am about to buy a Minidisc Deck and so confuse about which model, i have read enoguth about Atrac systems and the question is If is better more Old because inside components or is better JE440 who is more spartane and chipper but improvement Atrac system ? I know J920 had a cood A/D converter and it can be used like DAC, JE 440 too ?? thanks in advance ! Manuel
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  2. cleverdick

    cleverdick Active Member

    Essex, UK
    Go for the 520. The 510 has serious mechanical issues - believe me!

    Better still, seek out a machine that is Hi-MD capable. (Not sure if those others you mention fall into this category.) ATRAC is NOT a nice coding scheme, losing some 80% of the data compared to CD. You'll hear it.
  3. bluefan

    bluefan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes... stay away from the 510. I would suggest getting one with a separate REC Level. My recommendation is a MDS-JB930. You can do your research here... http://www.minidisc.org

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