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Discussion in 'AK Fest 2005' started by tentoze, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. tentoze

    tentoze Twangophile

    Somewhere Else
    Friday Night:

    My first meeting with early arriving AK’ers- Grumpy, Mr. & Ms.Kam, Reyneman, RetroStereo, Army, Echo, Billfort, and others- gear piled everywhere.

    Reyneman commenting to NOSValves after hearing his small set up with his tube monoblocks, Heresy’s and a nice sub- “If you can make Klipsch Heresy’s sound good, you can make anything sound good.” :)

    PunkerX playing some tunes through a really BIG vintage Kenwood that I had never seen before.



    Talking and twanging with Styler in Elusive Disc’s listening room. Little $300 Epos mini-monitors that sounded wonderful. Glad to meet you, Tyler.

    A good part of the day in Grumpy/Reyneman’s room listening to Grumpy’s nice Audio Notes driven by an Almarro A318 or NOSValves’ 60 wpc mono-blocks. The SOTA Sapphire sounded really fine, especially when Gilbert’s Blue Circle phono stage was put into the mix. Hope I didn’t get in the way too much, guys.

    Wandering around the various music rooms- the Hartsfields were drowning out the entire end of the 12th floor. Andyman’s stacked Advent system sounded very fine, and was a great set-up to show what vintage done right can do.

    My first listen to BrianB’s Blue Circle/ Obelisk set-up in the afternoon. WOW!

    Reyneman’s “flubby” (coined on the spot- flabby + tubby) JBL’s- thanks for providing so much entertainment for me and Billfort, Ray…………… :D

    Saturday Evening:

    Dinner with Reyneman, BrianB, and Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle Audio- as fine a trio of gentlemen as you could ever encounter. Not that I have much experience hanging around with high-end audio designers, but Gilbert is a true individual- honest to a fault, plain-spoken, no BS, a regular guy. And as funny as anyone I’ve run across in years. He and Mary Lou are a breath of fresh air in what can be a pretty stuff-shirted industry.

    St. James Infirmary from Louis Armstrong Plays King Oliver- played a minimum of 13 times…Billfort can back me up on this, I swear to God.

    An extended listening session in BrianB’s Blue Circle room- my thoughts on this will come elsewhere, but as pleasurable an evening as I have spent in a long time. BrianB is a generous and patient man with his wares. Somewhere around 3:30 AM was as much music and beer as I could handle.


    Mr. And Mrs. BigMacc are two of the most gracious people you could ever meet. Thanks for the Molson, BigMacc...........

    Sunday: I mostly wandered around bleary- eyed, babbling incoherently. Elusive Disc had some great stuff for sale- I picked up a Sundazed vinyl copy of a Spirit album that was never released in its day. Listened to tunes, communed with all the AK’ers who hung in there for Sunday……….

    It was no surprise to me- the folks that make up AK in the ether are even finer in person- each and every one. My hats off to the movers and shakers that worked tirelessly to make it happen. :thmbsp:

    I wish I could have done more to help.
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  2. styler

    styler Super Member

    a turkish prison
    and more...

    great to meet you Toze! i just got home, what a drive... damn i'm tired.

    grumpy's set up sure was sweet, i agree whole heartedly with your thoughts. seriously folks, those Hartsfields were the loudest speaker i've ever heard. too bad they werent in a concert hall. felt sorry for the gentleman with the wonderful Maggies next door to the Hartsfields. really a great, friendly group of folks. kudos to those that made it happen! i dont think a single one of us left without serious sleep deprivation.

    i was so tired sunday, i fell asleep while demoing I Robot with Luther! LOL :lmao:

    that was the first i had heard the Epos, and damn those little suckers are giant killers! cant be beat for 300 smackers.

    Craig, dont forget "smoke and mirrors" do make audio sound better! :lmao:

    really good to meet everyone, Eric (i am in search of handsome family tomorrow), Tim, Pete, BrianB, Ernie, Krimney, Retro and wife, Kegger (love that Back in Baroque!), Craig, Mike, Bill, Luther, the Grumpy's (your children were a huge help, they deserve some serious praise! superhelpful and strong!), Jim and Becky, Glenn, Gary, Tubino, Dave (Bot and spouse), and Ray! also all those who my sleep deprived mind cant remember at the moment.

    shain, the first thing i did when i got home was set up the marantz as my bedroom system and considering i just drove 1100 miles, that tells you how excited i was!

    one of the coolest things was to go from one end of the floor with cutting edge everything, to hearing stacked Advents and JBLs! everything sounded great, though different.

    damn fine people and damn good fun. thank you everyone! IT WAS A BLAST :thmbsp:

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  3. Punker X

    Punker X Moderator Moderator Subscriber

    Panic in Detroit
    Toze, it was a pleasure meeting you. The big Kenwoods were a 700c/m combo.

    Got to hear Satchmo down in Grumpy's room through the Blue Circle phono pre and was so impress, I snuck in and grabbed it for while on Sunday morning to try with my Oracle. Very impressive piece.

    Thanks to Ray for letting my borrow the black cube for a demo and Dingusboy for trying the bottlehead phono pre.

    Shelby1420 dragged his Sansui BA-5000 to the meet and we hooked it to the Ohm I's, pure magic, we sat until 2 am Saturday listening to it. He's now a new owner of a set of I's and I'll be keeping a look out for a Monster myself.

    Had a great time and got to listen to a lot of speakers I've been wondering about. JimBecky brought his big Walsh 4's down to my room and we had a direct a/b test between the two speakers. Altec's, Hartsfields, Tannoys, Obelisks, loved them all, and so little room. Especially the Obelisks..

    Over all what a great time, wish we didn't have to wait whole year for the next one.

  4. BlackSwamp

    BlackSwamp Previously DingusBoy

    In my garage
    My ramblings.

    I was struck with how many different ways to "get it right." I didn't get to really listen to all the rooms but most of the rooms I spent time in sounded very fine.

    PunkerX had my favorite front end with his Oracle Delphi V and I loved what I heard in his room.

    I haven't heard much mention of the SALK room thus far but I got to audition his larger speakers for a few tunes and I was really impressed. We talked for a bit and those speakers are a labor of love with a fantastic end result in looks and sound.

    Much has been mentioned about the CAR and the Hartfields and I only wish I had been in there when the SPL was a little less as it was just too overwhelming the times I got down there.

    I'd never set up a room like this anywhere before and it was a learning experience. Rule 1: Set-up takes 3 times as long as I think it will. Rule 2: Tear down takes 5 times as long as I think it will as I am sleep deprived by then.

    And maybe most important...When Tubino says "Let me put on something a little more mainstream." expect 47 Saxophones and a cello or possibly a Gregorian Chant interpretation of Revolution #9. :lmao:

    I loved seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was great to meet Piece-it-Pete, Styler, BigMacc, and so many others.

    And finally, I walked away knowing my system does what it does really good but so does yours. SS, Tubes, digital, analog, multiple drives, horns, etc all can sound good with some love from the person putting it together.
  5. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......
    As was said, There are so many different ways to crack the same nut!!' DingusBoy, now I understand what they mean by the Tannoy sound - it is not so much what they add to the sound, it is what they do not take away!! You have an impressive setup - this was one of my Favs at the fest. :thmbsp: :thmbsp: :thmbsp:

    Punker was so polite this year, compared to last your (volume-wise) I was wondering, did someone steal him??? I loved the Kenwoods and the Oracle TT - it was SOOOO COOL. :thmbsp: :thmbsp: :thmbsp:

    I have to mention Bigmacc and Mrs. Bigmacc, what a great people!!! These are they type of people that make AK great!! Macc, when I cam down with the cart and you were talking to my wife, Gloria, I knew exactly who you were right away. You are infamous on AK!!! I still want to see how you are going to work out your AK fund-raising idea. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    JimBecky and there Walsh 4's - very nice. I am dying to hear what an HT setup would soundlike with 4 of them!!!

    Salk Sounds - they do sound nice and look amazing. BrianB and Gilbert were just Ying and Yang - they had great and unusual stuff to show, as usual.

    Grumpy's Audio Notes with the NOS Valve amps were just perfect together.

    The little EPOS speakers at Elusive dics showed what a well designed small speaker can do. Although, one complaint - I didn't have enough money to buy many things!!

    Reel to reel - I am always amazed by what he can do with MP3's!! Mrs. Reel to reel was great for putting up with US maniacs!!

    Anybody that came into my room for a listen - thanks Gents!! I can be a little enthused about what I own, but I think we all do that!!!

    The Grumpy clan, Mr and Mrs. Kam , and Ward :thmbsp: :thmbsp: :thmbsp: :thmbsp: :thmbsp:

    Everybody that I didn't mention by name, you have not been forgotten.

    That is all I have to say for now!!

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2005
  6. piece-it pete

    piece-it pete What, me worry?

    Cleveland, OH
    Agreed - SO many different ways to get good sound, a system for just about any budget/style/taste, what a learning experience.

    Although an actual party room setup might have de-boomed a bit, I really liked the intimate setting of the individual rooms. Sitting around, listening to everyones' version of audio happiness, shooting the breeze, what a blast.

    The biggest surprise for me was how easygoing the whole thing was. No tube/ss/cable/vinyl/digital fistfights lol, no audio snobbery that I saw, next year maybe I'll drag my mid-fi system up (sideways?) to MoTown and stay for two nights.

    It was great meeting everyone. Although I have a horrible face/name/avatar/screenname memory I can now at least pretend to know who I'm talking to :D .

    Can't wait for next year, thanks again to all the volunteers!!




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  7. spkrman57

    spkrman57 wrongsideofthetracks

    Columbus. Ohio
    Pete's system will not be "mid-fi" by next year if I have anything to do with it. And I'm sure I will "butt" in and set him up. Pete, you have gear to pick up from my house, so don't delay.

    I had other obligations and could not make it, but I hope next year to rectify(pun intended) that situation.

    Sounds like all had a good time.

  8. Audio Flynn

    Audio Flynn New Member

    Livonia, Michigan

    Forgot I put my raffle tickets in my check book until Sunday night; DUH!

    THose little Royd speakers are not normal; was there a camoflaged in wall speaker in that room?

    Many of the turnatlbes I saw was the first time in person; where art meets audio meets music. Really nice looking.

    I saw the biggest tuner ever; one tuning knob for AM and one for FM, too wild.

    The Hartsfields could be speakers from a Stephen King book, that eats little kids if they get too close. A very physically involving sound I wished I had more time to listen to.

    Spent more money at Elusive Disk than budgeted; easier to avoid buying surfing their website. When I held Traffic "John Barleycorn Must Die" in my hands I just could not put it back in the box.

    Cool group, no snobs.

    My sons really had a good time.

  9. NOSValves

    NOSValves AK Subscriber Subscriber



    Are you actually suggesting I need to not forget something LOL!! I think you really forgot a pair of somethings? I got done packing these somethings up and went looking for you and was told you were long gone :cry:
  10. styler

    styler Super Member

    a turkish prison
    the daze

    ah, yes i am the forgetful confused and sleep deprived loser that forgot some truly lovely maple based amps! :sigh:
  11. aystrick

    aystrick Active Member

    North Carolina, USA
    Yeah, I just orded Back In Baroque, really cool recording!


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  12. Wardsweb

    Wardsweb Behind The Curtain Staff Member Admin

    San Antonio, Texas
    So you think the cello player is wearing school boy short pants and a cap? :lmao:
  13. hpsenicka

    hpsenicka Moderator Subscriber

    west of Toronto, Ontario
    If he's not.. he should be!! :yes:
  14. reyneman

    reyneman Requiescat in pace

    RIP: 2011
    Yeah, yeah- I was trying to save a few beers for others, found the only way to keep toze away from them was to repeat the same song over and over and... I won't be able to listen to that track for ayt least another year.

    I hope to be able to post some thoughts tonight, great time!
  15. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: FUNNY and SAD!!!

  16. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......

    If you think the little Royd's have a big voice - you should here their bigger brothers!! That is why I have 2 sets of the bigger speakers - I like them so much!!

    I want to say all the members kids were great!! You really people are doing well by them - you should be proud!! Grumpy, Matt is a great kid!!!

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  17. EchoWars

    EchoWars Hiding in Honduras Sponsor

    Kansas City
    If there was an award for the most gear in one room, Tim and I won... :D

    The little DoZ Class-A amp acquitted itself nicely. On Tim's speaks (damned if I remember what they are...someone refresh my memory) they had a nice synergy, but we also wired up some Klipsch bookshelf speaks, and the vocals took on a very believable quality. I'm pleased, but I didn't get a chance to try it on dgwojo's Altec's like I wanted. Oh well...

    Disappointed about the line voltage issue...with all the gear on the 12th floor running, we barely broke 100V. Shelby1420's BA-5000 instantly became a 200WPC amp instead of 300WPC. :rolleyes: So testing gear for max power was a wasted effort, but all other specs were valid. If we go this route again, I see a variac in my future.

    Big difference in the number who said that they were bringing gear in to be tested, and the number that showed up. Yeah, this is me shaming you into tossing a donation to AK anyway. :)

    I had fun, but did not have the chance to wander around as much as I would have liked. I expected that.

    Grumpy and family should be nominated for sainthood. Wonder what the Vatican's thought's on that might be... :scratch2: :D

    One can never have enough friends. Proud to call this gaggle of AK'ers my friends. :)
  18. Tonedeaf

    Tonedeaf Active Member

    Geneva, Il
    I want to say I really enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to everyone's gear. What a great time. My first day I was bit overwhelmed and did not know what I should be doing or asking, but that all changed come Sunday. I now have a wishlist for gear and a shopping list for music Thanks to all who put in the time to audition your gear and I want to thank all who worked so hard to put this event together. :thmbsp:
  19. Sandy G

    Sandy G Spiteful Old Cuss Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    Rogersville, Tennessee
    Uhhhh...How didja y'all keep from being unceremoniously asked to leave w/all the "testing" of audio equipment, great 'n' small, going on ?!? -Sandy G.
  20. cabinover

    cabinover Dazed and Confused

    Vermont, USA
    Sandy, we were on the 12th floor, all alone. For the most part it was fairly tame. Tell you how quiet it was, most of us were on the 11th floor and slept well, except for the beer and the music that is LOL

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