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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by JohnnyBoy83, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. JohnnyBoy83

    JohnnyBoy83 Member

    I currently own mission 737R renaissance ..can get my hands on Energy Pro 22 speakers.

    100% opinion based question but which would you say is better and why?
  2. NAD80

    NAD80 Super Member

    Carlisle PA
    Like my mission 737Rs after recapping. Haven't heard the Energy Pro22 though.
  3. luxmaster

    luxmaster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West Coast, BC
    I have owned several pairs of missions such as the the original Argonauts and a pair of m73.
    I also own a pair of pro 22's.

    Older mission speakers have a real british sound to them. New Missions are different. Energy has always maintained their sound signature. It basically comes down to what sound you prefer?
    For myself the pro 22's would be my choice. They will have more depth and better sonically as i would call the east coast sound.
  4. orsen

    orsen just another old cheapskate that likes audio Subscriber

    i have lots of british speakers but not 737r
    i have lots of energy speakers also
    i like both
    i find the energy generally have more bass

    i use mission 770 for fronts on my tv
    i swapped in energy 22.2 i was surprised at the difference in sound
    at lower volume the energy win
    loud i like the missions ... they are back in place

    i use energy veritas 2.3i in one of my 2 chan system ... they sound very very good
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  5. jgscisum

    jgscisum AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bowling Green, KY
    I owned a pair of Energy 22. Very fond memories of the smooth sound. Bass was very nice. Tweeters are very hard to find.
  6. luxmaster

    luxmaster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West Coast, BC
    Energy veritas are top of the line. I would love to hear a pair someday. They are known for their huge bass extension.

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