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Model nine gx

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by gdubois, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. gdubois

    gdubois New Member

    Good morning Akers. Bought a Kenny model nine from offerup. Been in the market for a receiver w/2 phono & 3 speaker inputs to utilize more of the spare arsenal. The condition is a 9+ cosmetically, the guy I purchased it from claimed to know nothing about electronics and purchased it from an older gentleman who babied it, and said it lights up w/no sound. I noticed the jumpers were removed, so I thought I got a good deal @ 300 bills for a simple fix. The unit does light up beautifully, but after replacing the jumpers, I get only a humming, and meters aren't working. The humming seems to be loudes w/volume at its lowest setting. I tried the pre-out and got the same problem, so the problem is before the pre-out. I tried tape inputs (and rec outputs), am, fm, & aux, didn't bother w/the phonos. Timer looks to be working fine, relay clicks after powering on. I will do some testing but wanted a professional opinion of something I might be missing or perhaps a common diagnosis w/this unit. Most of the issues w/the nine and the eleven models seem to have slightly different issues, typically involving the timer/no power. Thanks all..


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  2. BilboBaggins

    BilboBaggins AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Ottawa, Canada
    Have you tried the amplifier inputs with a different preamp? I’m assuming you used the preamp section with a different amp.

    If the problem is similar from both, then it is likely the power supply section. If you open it up while it is unplugged, you could try sniffing around inside to see if there is any burnt silicon odor localized somewhere. Look it over for any obvious problems, and do make sure to deoxit all the controls. Once you have a little more information, come back here and someone will have some input.
  3. gdubois

    gdubois New Member

    Thanks bilbo. It works fine with a different preamp plugged into the "power in" section, so the issue is definitely taking place before the pre-out stage on my receiver,somewhere along the input stage I assume. The volume has no effect other than the humming gets slightly quieter when I move it from minimum position. Tone controls and balance are unresponsive. Through headphones, all sources hum when selected, and tape monitor switch doesn't override/stop the noise when selecting either tape source. I cleaned it up with contact and f5 for the pots . No obvious issues, except a little corrosion on the prongs that connect the volume pot to the board.. I cleaned them w/91% alc. I have began to clean the clear gooey stuff on the underside of the boards..all 3 speaker sources get the same humming/buzzing noise. I tested the right channel transistors and they checked out fine, haven't gotten to left yet. Also tried single cables from pre-out to power-in to test left/right channels individually, got the humming in each. this thing is just a pretty novelty item at this point

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