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Monks Music re/limited edition

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by Hajidub, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Hajidub

    Hajidub Chihuahua/Pug = Chug Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Thelonius Monk ~Monk's Music~ a reissue the wife got me a couple years back. Ordered from Newbury Comics and only 600 reissued on red vinyl. Just cleaned it and got around to listening to it! On the Riverside label and man I must say it sounds f'n phenomenal (reissue or not). Art Blakey is a god on drums (wow just wow), never hurts to have Coltrane on sax.


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  2. BassKulcha

    BassKulcha Cathode Follower Subscriber

    Great album, everyone was fantastic in that session. (Every time "Abide With Me" kicks in, I feel I'm 10 years old at midnight mass again, lol.)

    I have an '83 OJC copy, and the SQ on that is really great as well, but I also have an eye out for an OG Riverside for comparison—
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  3. Carraway

    Carraway Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard that pressing--and currently only have a CD copy--but it's one of my favorite Monk albums. And as you can probably guess from my avatar I rather like Monk. I'm tempted to request that "Abide with Me" into "Well You Needn't" be played as they shuffle off my remains.
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  4. darkblue94

    darkblue94 It wasn't me. Subscriber

    Beaverton, Oregon
    I agree Art Blakey was other-worldly. :bowdown:
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  5. BirdLives

    BirdLives Super Member

    The Lou' (Baseball Heaven)
    I'm kind of a fan also...
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  6. dfunghi

    dfunghi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Coast California
    Those early OJC were often times great pressings. Monk's playing to me is like a chef that can combine ingredients that on paper sound awful yet taste amazing. Being a huge Bill Evans fan (and Ahmad, and McCoy and Brubeck and Nat and......) I always find Monk to be in his own class. His way of mixing notes and stroking keys was 100% unique.

    I am glad I live on a planet where T Monk made music.
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