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Mono v Stereo, one out....

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by QuackZoom, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. QuackZoom

    QuackZoom New Member

    Hey all,

    Hey , looking to fix up lyn axis, Onkyo receiver, and dutch phillips 476 for my son.
    One of the speakers only seem to work on mono though.... all three speakers within each speaker seem to be pumping out sound when in mono ( Sub, Tweeters.....) , but when switch to stereo, one stack craps out...any thoughts??? Could it be the speaker or the receiver ???? How could I tell ??

    ps sorry for the lingo


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  2. Raynald

    Raynald Addicted Member

    Most likely the receiver. In cases like this to trouble shoot you switch parts around. Swap the speaker wires from one speaker to another. If the problems follows the wires, it is somewhere upstream. If the problem stays in the same place it is the speaker.

    Sounds like a dirty Stereo/Mono switch if I had to guess.
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