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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by Kyocerafan, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Kyocerafan

    Kyocerafan Active Member

    I have two Monster Powerbar 1100 strips and one seems to be working fine. The other seems fine except the blue "clean power" light is not lit. What could be malfunctioning to not allow this light to come on? All the rest of the lights are on.

    I've looked around some online and looked at the user manual and it barely mentions the light.

    I'm aware that there are more exotic conditioners out there but I've found these Monsters to be cost effective used.

    What should one of these have to do to make a person pass on one? Warning signs that indicate it's likely not working? Can one be malfunctioning and have all the lights indicating all is well?


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  2. TomInTacoma

    TomInTacoma d/b/a Vinyl Reclamation Sponsor

    DuPont, WA
    Have you considered the 'clean power' light is broken? Tried replacing it?
  3. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    The 'clean power' light may be a MOV monitor or group of MOVs that have taken a hit and now longer are functional. Many of the power strip style filters have lights that will indicate whether they are functional or they have sacrificed themselves in a transient situation.

    Best to dismantle the unit and inspect the filter/MOV bank and/or the monitor circuitry. There may also be DC block circuitry that has failed. Take a closeup pic of the circuitry and post it here.

    Basically, the unit could be doing very little to protect your gear if that circuitry has absorbed a hit and gone offline.
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  4. eizner23

    eizner23 Active Member

    Madison, WI
    My clean power light doesn't come on either. Opened it up once not much in there.
    Looking at the label, is this all it does?

  5. Kyocerafan

    Kyocerafan Active Member

    I might take a look inside. It will have to be something pretty obvious for me to spot it. I thought about a burned out bulb and I'll see what's there. Thanks for the input.

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