More unsung heros of 9/11/01

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    My (now deceased) dog Chase had a brother named Dutch, who was trained as a Search & Rescue (SAR) dog. He also had the distinction of being a Cadaver Dog, trained to find dead bodies. Connie, his owner/handler, was a member of Missouri`s Task Force 1, an Immediate Response Unit. Connie and Dutch were quickly dispatched to Ground Zero, where, along with a number of other SAR dogs, spent 11 days "searching the pile" as it became to be known.
    The dogs were lowered down through holes in the rubble using ropes and slings, and they tirelessly performed their hazardous duties. Every few hours, the dogs would be checked over for cuts on their paws, splinters, etc., and had their eyes rinsed with sterile saline solution. One NYFD member approached Connie, and stopped to pet Dutch. "Your dog found my brother yesterday" he told her....


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