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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by t j, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    .. and they actually sound pretty good.
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  2. gdmoore28

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    Central Arkansas
    The Pioneer SX1250 is conservatively rated at 160 watts RMS per channel at 0.1% THD. That's a lot of very clean, low distortion power, and should easily drive any of the suggested prosound speakers, which are quite efficient, to ear-endangering volume. Please be cautious. I'm not kidding when I say that ear damage in the form of tinnitus can drive you near insane. I've had constant ringing in my ears since I was eighteen years old - 46 years of that stuff with not one moment of relief. And my audiologist chalked all of it up to loud music while I played drums in rock and roll bands.

    So, enjoy your loud metal music (who doesn't? :rockon:), but please know when to back off the volume controls. If you experience any ear ringing after listening, you are playing dangerously loud.

    Preaching over. Now back to finding you some appropriate speakers. About how much do you want to spend?

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  3. Redoak1

    Redoak1 New Member

    Lansing, KS
    These started off as D9's but I've improved them a bit. Still tinkering on them.


    And then I have these in my back pocket for when I want to hear the true vintage CV sound. Both sets beautifully handle what you're after.

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  4. ivandezande

    ivandezande Super Member

    CV's for sure, most large Klipsch. Pro sound would be a great way to go as well. Most all of Yamaha's club series with a little EQ are actually great speakers, and any JBL SR series are incredible.
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  5. Billy Oxygen

    Billy Oxygen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cerwim Vega D-9 or DX-9.
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  6. Roadrash

    Roadrash AK Subscriber Subscriber

    St.Louis MO
    What he said. And they're relatively cheap.
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  7. damacman

    damacman Blown and Injected Subscriber

    Gilbert, AZ
    If I walked into a room with those PD-9s, I'd be thinkin' party!
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  8. Champco

    Champco Super Member

    Twin cities
    D9's baby. But watch the impedance.
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  9. Champco

    Champco Super Member

    Twin cities
    We used to surround the TT with couch cushions back in the day. Already had it on a semihard foam platform. Cat Stevens Bitter Blue could finally be played.
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  10. Justgotohm

    Justgotohm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Savannah Georgiaish
    Some big Vegas for sure, it's possible they will go lower than PA speakers. Searching local CL (musical instruments) will easily offer a plethora of pro sound stage monitors or typical large venue DJ speakers. Most pro sound speakers go to 50hz which is fine for rock, heavy metal. Even large bass bins rarely go lower than 45hz, I'm sure there are exceptions. Literally tomorrow I'm hooking up two pairs of late 70's Bose 800's using one of the two Bose 1800 amps. Using an 802 system controller I'll hook up the other 1800 to power some bass bins. This, just like you is to provide a loud system just for the hell of it. These things just get collected over time so may as well fire it up. I've got a pair of the Bose 32TBX100 12 inch woofers for low end. So for no particular reason what so ever I'll run 32 four inch speakers, two ridiculously stout 12's with 1600watts of old school real deal 200 pounds of power cause it's Friday night and I want to see how Bose did it in the 70's. It's basically one big ass Cinemate anyway. Good luck with finding some loud ass speakers they are way easier to find than speakers that pick up the nick of the guitar pick hitting the guitar, the chair creaking every time the violinist moves their bow, the inhale of the oboe player, actually recreating the texture of the instruments. Sometimes you just crank that shit man this ain't no time to hang mombookie wooden blocks around the room to create a majic force field of Japanese mojo music spirits to guide the sound waves from some half a million dollars worth of equipment. Your looking for speakers that are beat up with road dirt and the broken dreams of some garage band that rocked out till somebody's girl got knocked up and never did find as good a bass player. Post what you find, I'd like to see it.
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  11. xero-D-hero

    xero-D-hero Super Member

    He!!s yeah,,,preach away,,,if CV's are good enough for the Joe Dirt's of this world,,,they're certainly good enough for me,,,LOL... :rockon::rockon::rockon:

    Full disclosure: I'm the original owner of E-712's and also have a near mint pair of LS-12's.

    Good friend has the DX-9 as well as a pair of CLS-215.
    Now those 215's,,,those are some speakers tailor made for this sorta sh!t... :eek:
    Especially with the Bryston 7bst's pushing them.

    CV's are easy targets for ridicule & disdain,but if what one is after are high SPL's,they'll be your huckleberry. :thumbsup:

    Just be sure to throw some respectable wpc @ them.

    JM2ยข ~ FWIW

    Bret P.
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  12. sheltie dave

    sheltie dave Addicted Member

    St. Louis
    In a 20 by 20 frat house room, we had a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls that had survived 15 years before I went through, and another 10 years after I finished. Any speaker that can take 29 years in a frat house, kicking out the jams, should make your list for consideration.
  13. Brentsui

    Brentsui New Member

    Southwest, Missouri
    I may also add the cerwin vega AT-15. With any of these choices your next problem will be turntable isolation. Also maybe add some spikes for carpet or rubber feet for hardwood floors. I used to have a pair that would walk across the floor with 175 watts from a nikko 1415.
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  14. bowtie427ss

    bowtie427ss arigato gozaimashita Subscriber

    Land of Milk & Honey Boo Boo
    From early winter 1986 thru spring of 1990 i ran a pair(often very hard) of SP-2's on SX-1250 in my 20 x 30 party room/arcade. They're a perfect match.

  15. Hobie1dog

    Hobie1dog Super Member

    +2. I had 3 of them in my garage system years ago, rocked the whole neighborhood, it was great for parties too.
  16. Oh... My... God... {Drooling like Homer Simpson} Those would most likely bring about a.) an eviction notice, b.) a citation for disturbing the peace, or c.) a break-up/divorce. No middle ground here. If you're going to go out, go out LOUD and in style. :rockon:
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  17. gladiator335

    gladiator335 MRTI Subscriber

    Oh that... In this case get Polk SDA-SRS. You will feel bass all :rockon: Polk SDA SRS_1.JPG right...
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  18. dnpainting

    dnpainting Super Member

    Southern CA
    EV Patrician 800's...Problem though, if you can find a set, you can probably purchase a house for the same price. I know, I know, doesn't meet OP's Price range but, thought I would just throw it out there as actual price range was never really mentioned.
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  19. teal'c

    teal'c It's all moo

    Michigan, N of Detroit
    Cerwin Vega. My AT-15s will get to the point I can't hear myself scream before I reach half volume. Your chest is throbbing in synch with the pounding of the air, making it a struggle to breath. Neighbors coming to complain are shaken from their feet. Cops can't break down the door because the outward air pressure won't allow it.
    When it's all over, when the tunes are silenced, you go to bed happily unaware of the screaming neighbors because you can't hear anything.
    You drift off smiling because it didn't really seem loud.
    But as you sleep your mind is still throbbing to the music as it regulates your heartbeat to the rhythm of that last song.
  20. 68custom

    68custom Addicted Member

    sarasota fl
    altec lansing Model nineteen or voice of the theater is you cann afford them and have the space!
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