Multi-section Capicitor Identification? Magnavox 175cc-67

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by onesojourner, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. onesojourner

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    I have finally gotten most of the spring chores wrapped up and I am back on my Magnavox 175 project. I am a bit stuck on this multi section can. I have been able to identify on the can and confirm in the diagrams what capacitors I need.

    I am struggling to figure out the positive side of the new capacitors.

    The can is the brown square in the top"ish" right:

    I am not seeing any of the symbols marked on the underside. I did find a couple pictures of the symbols posted on the top side, I have not looked real close but I do not recall noticing any. Is there something I am missing?

    I have just spent about an hour starring at the diagrams for this amp and I am lost. Can someone help?


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  2. primosounds

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    Ok, usually you don't get this type of knowledge until you pass the tenth level....Look closely at the base of the solder lug on the can cap. You see there are notches cut into the phenolic material that correspond to the shape of the indicator on the values for each section. The notches are square, half moon, triangle, matching the indicators.
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  3. gadget73

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    Sometimes they're on the outer part of the terminal rather than the inside, or sometimes its actually punched in the wafer where the terminal comes out. Its there someplace, just not always easy to see.
  4. cademan

    cademan Addicted Member

    There are schematics all over for the 175 series. I have one if you don't or can't find one. It does show the connections to and from the can capacitor and the symbols. Of course you will need to know how to read schematics first. :thumbsup:
  5. century tek

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    This might help.

    Magnavox 175.JPG

    The 4th connection not shown is the 20uF @ 25 volt cathode bypass capacitor and is marked as "D" on the schematic as a blank or straight line.
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  6. FlaCharlie

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    The protruding lugs that the wires connect to are the positive and the can itself, which is tied to the chassis, is the negative. If you replace them with individual caps you should disconnect everything from the original lugs and cut them off flush and mount the same components (wires, resistors, choke) to the new ones. The negative side of the individual replacement caps has a string of - - - - negative markings on the side to identify it.


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  7. onesojourner

    onesojourner Member

    Thanks, you nailed it. All caps have been replaced!
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