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    The Death of Rhythm and Blues

    By Nelson George
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    Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain (Abacus 1997 edition)

    Just finished this and I know it's been mentioned here before but I liked the book and wanted to give it a shout out. This is probably not for everyone.
    It's written in an interview style with recounts from groupies, musicians, industry people, bar owners, hangers on and the authors themselves with multiple prospectives that paint a full (sometimes painfully so) picture of the events.
    Covers mid 60's to early 80's of about a dozen seminal bands that existed in and around the New York City and Detroit scenes.

    I bet most readers come away with disbelief of the depravity that is described in this book. A different time I guess.
    I just kept thinking how the behavior of most of these people changed after the introduction of HIV to this country. You simply could not share sex and needles like everyone did in the 70's and live unscathed.

    My favorite recount is from Cyrinda Fox regarding Johnny Thunders:
    "I put him in the shower and scrubbed him. He was just so bad, he was so bad, I just never saw anybody that bad in my life. He had these big scars, lumps, and bumps, and his feet were filthy; he had big bruises where he had been shooting up all over his feet, and on his legs, and anywhere he could shoot up. Abscesses everywhere.
    He was so gross, and I just wanted to scrub the evil out of him..."

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