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Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by poppachubby, Sep 29, 2013.

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    This looks incredible!!! I have some friends in the Hardcore scene, including former A&R turned author Howie Abrams. Last year he released the definitive book on HR of Bad Brains - highly recommended. I would also highly suggest you read Roger Miret's memoir - incredible time in NYC during his come up - "old New York".


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  2. poppachubby

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    I love these coffee table books. I have a couple with B&W photos which I don't look at too often but when I do, I generally end up flipping through the whole thing.
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    Today's find at GW Buy the Pound.

    006 (4).JPG
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    I am a guide to the labyrinth
    Come & see me
    in the green hotel
    Rm. 32
    I will be there until 9:30 P. M.

    I will show you the girl of the ghetto
    I will shoe you the burning well
    I will show you strange people
    haunted, beast-like, on the
    verge of evolution

    -- Fear The Lords who are
    secret among us

    Jim Morrison
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    RIP IT UP AND START AGAIN postpunk 1978-1984 (first edition)
    By Simon Reynolds

    Exhaustive examination of the bands that weren't pigeonholed by the confines of the punk revolution.

    Punk had the attitude but not the intellect.
    Punk influenced many creative people that took it to the next level.
    This book is about those artists and record labels.

    The author has a flawless understanding of the band members, their influences and the circumstances in which they were able to bring their artistic visions to fruition.
    His enthusiasm for the artists is always genuine.

    The book is basically broken up by each chapter highlighting a specific scene or location and all of the political and social motivations associated within it.
    Whether it be in England or the United States.

    The author started to loose me towards the end with his in-depth examination of New Pop. But it all has a part to the understanding of where postpunk came from and where it was headed.

    Extremely entertaining and highly informative, this book was a great source in which to fill many of the blanks for me.
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    about the Haight-Ashbury scene back in 67, great photos of the gratefull dead,jefferson,airplane,janis joplin, jimi hendrix
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