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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by pheelix, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. pheelix

    pheelix alleykat

    the 3 speakers followed me home from auction
    1(one) meridian dsp2500 sub woofer
    2(two) meridian dsp5500 speakers
    having some clue from searches I had some idea what I was getting into but not fully
    so after we needed the remote to operate these things
    well a Meridian 561 Preamplifier / Processor / DAC just happened its way along with said remote
    now we need the go between for this collection of things to produce the tones of joy we are after
    don't we come to find out these don't grow on trees or if they do not a whole bunch of these trees around
    these are en route as I type
    ok we now posses all the necessary goodies to make this deal howl
    a harman kardon hk825 is my pre amp coming off my system
    can I put my 2nd set of speaker outputs from it into the 561 and all will be happy
    that way they are not run through the amps
    or is that some sort of digital or stereo voodoo
    thnx for all your help


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