Musical Fidelity TriVista Dac 21 incredibly good DAC

Discussion in 'DACs' started by Audiofreak71, Aug 3, 2018.

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    So some of you know that in the past year I have gone through quite a few changes with my gear searching for what most of us are after, the ultimate synergy and sound from our gear . Well I recently adopted a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista m3 Integrated that has to my ears been the best synergy to my Vandersteen 2ce Signature ii’s. The NuVista powers the vandys effortlessly however there was a slight upper midrange harshness? (Not sure that’s the correct discription) I was hearing. Now the NuVista uses tubes in its output stage so there is a slight warmth to the sound yet still smooth and crisp with the Solid state amps .

    A friend of mine suggested that a Dac might smooth out that upper midrange harshness I was hearing and so the search started . I did a lot of reading and he gave many recommendations but we both came to the conclusion that staying within the MF family and finding a tube based Dac may work best with the upper midrange harshness problem. Well he was able to find a fairly rare from what I understand Musical Fidelity TriVista Dac 21 for me . I’ve been living with the TriVista Dac for a couple days now but from the moment I hooked it up and let it warm up (which is quite a bit of time30min!) it’s also quite hefty at 30lbs but now I could hear how special this Dac was and best of all , no more upper mid harshness. In facteverything changed , the soundstage was huge and very 3D , voices were bigger , instruments were more lifelike , the top end is very crisp anddetailed , all in all a very organic sound .

    Although his Dac is older and does not do DSD itwasnt a big deal to me as I have many cd’s 16-44 etc and I do stream from Tidal and Spotify. The TriVista Dac has made my music sound organicand much better , my digital is done and my friend and I have achieved what I was looking for . My analog has been done for over a year and I’m more than satisfied with both , so as of now I’mjust sitting back and enjoying my music . If your inthe market for a Dac and you can find a MFTriVista Dac 21 and don’t have to have the latest and greatest I highly recommend giving this Dac a try .

    I posted this same article in the general section but thought I’d put it in the appropriate DAC section and may be of help to some that have been on the fence of a new Dac vs an older high end Dac . I have since added a QED Reference 40 digital coax cable and it sounds excellent.

    Also to add , I have been using Oppo Dacs prior to this one (105-105d, 203 ) and the TriVista Dac 21 sounds much better to my ears, much more open 3D , micro details are incredible, all in all it puts you in the music as good equipment is supposed to do.




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