MX110Z outer glass restoration

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by psychoaudio, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    I’m trying to help out a friend with his MX110Z with with the black film or paint removed from the glass. 562179AB-D195-415E-9E4A-3E69895A9063.jpeg Any DIY ideas to restore this?

    Is there a place I can send the glass for restoration ? Glass is in one piece..Thanks guys!

    (Blue tape is covering the clear part of the glass)
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  2. mnmmt

    mnmmt AK Subscriber Subscriber

    My plan is to mask off the clear area and spray paint it, several good coats. A razor blade can shave paint from where it shouldn't be (and remove the remnants from the glass before painting).
  3. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    keeping it straight is key..or the flaws will show unfortunately I dont have a firm hand and sadly not very crafty.
  4. c_dk

    c_dk Addicted Member

    West Michigan
    As Terry reported years ago.......Rustoleum gloss back applied with a flat blade screwdriver works best. Any pin holes or thin spots can be fixed after it has cured overnight. I found with a brush the brush strokes can be very evident as thin spots.

    I know that troweling it on seems uncouth but it works best, just think on yourself as a high end portrait painter......just don't mess with your ear you will need it for listening.

    If not black enough, pour off some unshaken top layer from the can, then shake well to raise the black pigment ratio.

    The "blackness" has varied a bit over different production runs and age fading of the silkscreen applied paint/ink.
  5. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    Best I could do with blue painters tape and paint. I couldn’t get the lines perfect no matter how hard I tried B98296F7-2B89-4876-8FD9-167CF4CB463F.jpeg
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  6. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    will be trying again today using yellow frog apparently blocks paint from bleeding past the outline .


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  7. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    9A1A941D-4624-455B-A127-87F323D6007C.jpeg I wouldn’t use it on my gear but my friend seems happy.
  8. lbcgav

    lbcgav AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arcadia, CA
    I wonder if you wouldn't get better results by removing the paint with an X-acto knive and a straight edge after it dries rather than using painters tape. I've never tried it, but just a thought.
  9. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    Yes it’s a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have a steady hand. I can’t keep the straight edge straight..
  10. RobInONT

    RobInONT Active Member

    I wonder if a black plastic decal cut by a sign-maker would look ok?
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