My .02 on this year's Fest.....

Discussion in 'AK Fest 2006' started by Kamakiri, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Kamakiri

    Kamakiri The New Dynamic

    Buffalo, New York
    Well, another year has come and gone for AK Fest, and here are a few people I'd like to personally thank:

    Albert, from Manley Labs. We spoke for a good hour regarding the audio market, and more importantly (to me at least), the theories behind audiophile grade power cords. I was both amazed and excited for somebody of his caliber that spent time with me and helped me clearly understand how and why they actually work. I've learned a new perspective from him on the subject which I hope to share with you in a thread after I catch up on a couple days sleep. I honestly can't wait to try something of this venue :)

    Gilbert, from Blue Circle, who made me laugh like crazy one moment, and the next sat down with me and helped me to puzzle out my turntable hum. His gear is not only artistry, it was such a perfect match for Grump's Audio Note speakers that I'm seriously considering his new amp to debut in a couple months which he had at the Fest.

    Ron-C. I spent about 45 minutes with him on Friday night and was very impressed by the Mc music server and the gear that he brought to the show. Great stuff and a great guy.

    Darren (drybasement). Anyone that would go out of their way to pick up an ENGINE (yes, a Y-block Ford V8), and sling it into his truck to bring along to the Fest for somebody he's never met, well, that's beyond words. That's something I won't forget, and I truly thank you.

    Cableguy (Jim? Dammit, I'm awful at names...) and Justen (who was there in spirit). He carried in a HUGE trunkload of video production gear for me given to me by Justen (not that I know what half of this stuff is or how to run it). I'll bet I spent half the Fest hanging together with you and Homer J and now I can't even remember your names. Dammit, next time I lay off mixing whatever beers I kept bumming from Craig and Macc ;)

    And, most importantly, our own Grumpy. He was kind enough to give me the second love of his life (his Suzuki GS850), so that I could embark on a few new adventures away from the wife and kids ;). Dave, I love ya like a brother :)

    I am truly humbled by the audio skills and the generosity of the members that were in attendence, and I'm very proud to be one of the "Founding Fathers" of



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  2. bolly

    bolly Lunatic Member

    CFB Borden
    bravo to the membership of AudioKarma! :thmbsp:
  3. SPL db

    SPL db It's all about the music! Subscriber

    Omaha, NE
    Way to go guys! :thmbsp:

    And how about a nice round of applause for our leader! :yippy:

    I have got to make it next year! :yes:

  4. cableguy

    cableguy In Twang We Trust

    Jakarta Indonesia
    From the old Star Trek "dammit Jim I'm a doctor" :naughty:
    It was my pleasure to haul up that gear. Especially cool to have met Tim, Luther, Dave, Kegger, Andy, Pete, Rich(PA)retro, Big Mac(what a hoot), Glen, Ernie and the rest of the folks in attendance. This was one heck of a great time. :yes:

  5. Negotiableterms

    Negotiableterms Administrator Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    That was .02??? That was worth at least 1.00...

    Congrats to Tim and Dave on the Fest!
  6. Strawman

    Strawman Moderator

    Fraser, Mi.
    There is probably no way that anyone could have met everybody in attendance and recalled who everybody was. But it was a pleasure to at least put a few names with faces, introduce yourself, and shake a few hands.
    I thought the engine sitting in the truck in front of the hotel lobby was totally cool! See, we're not just a bunch of stereo geeks! :thmbsp:


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  7. Sandy G

    Sandy G Spiteful Old Cuss Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    Rogersville, Tennessee
    Yeah, but we ain't "audiophools", neither...
  8. Lefty

    Lefty Super Member

    Hercules, Calif.
    Power Cords :tears:

  9. Justen

    Justen Send Lawyers,Guns & Money

    Advance, NC
    Oh no, we are all around geeks!

    Hope you can use that equipment Kam! Hope to actaully make it to next years fest instead of being there in spirit only....
  10. Drybasement

    Drybasement Hold the ketchup...

    Midland, Michigan
    T'was my pleasure Tim.

    I hope that engine runs as good as it looked.

  11. BrianB

    BrianB AK Vendor Emeritus Moderator

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    I would like to add a bit to Tim's comments on Albert.

    Way back when - back before I even CONSIDERED becoming a high-end audio dealer, and when I was nothing more than a music lover - Albert introduced me to the wonders of tube audio.

    This is MANY years ago, of course. Albert was not yet working for Manley - he was a salesman at the best audio shop in the Chicago area. And I was a hippie graduate student at Northwestern University.

    Anyway, I walked into Albert's shop, wearing ripped jeans and an anti-establishment tee-shirt, and with hair down below my shoulders. And Albert approached me in the most genuine manner possible, asking me what I would like to hear. Now, I'm a total newbie at this point when it comes to high-end audio, but I AM a music lover, and Albert sends me home with a tube system to listen to, and with no commitment to buy anything in particular.

    I wound up falling in love with the sound of the Cary 300B integrated amp and Cary tube CD player he loaned me, and this became the heart of my audio rig (even though I could hardly afford it). In other words, it was Albert more than anyone else who started me down this evil and oh-so-beautiful road!

    Well, that was then and this is now. But I must admit than I am VERY happy that Albert has moved up in the audio world, and that I am still working under him. Albert is the closest thing I have to an "audio mentor", and one could hardly ask for a more knowledgeable teacher!


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  12. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Lily! Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    South of Detroit
    In our few brief conversations, I was struck by his genuine warmth, and his passion for audio and music. Truly, a pleasure to meet and speak with him.

    It would seem that you are an apt pupil, Brian.

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