My 2018 Auction #2 For AK Christmas Families- Elton John VIP Gift Set

Discussion in 'AK Charities & Christmas' started by bandg69, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Elton fans and/or memorabilia collectors will love this set. And hopefully the AK Christmas families will love the end results. These bags are the VIP give away for the 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour' & loaded with some great items. Everything in the pics is included in the auction. There is a fantastic 18" x 24" Litho of Elton in his heyday. Once framed this can hang proudly in anybody's music room or office or frankly anywhere you choose.
    The very nice canvas bag is a beauty and the gifts inside are the following. A gold initialized luggage tag and passport holder, the initialized book is either a journal or date book(sealed so I'm not sure) a gold key chain, a
    double sided back stage pass, a great pen and pencil set and of course a certificate of authenticity. While I can't say for sure, I highly doubt you will find another one of these for sale. And certainly not for such a great cause. Choose where you want to open the bidding and please keep it rising. I will cover CONUS shipping.
    Bidding will close Thursday 12/13 at 11:59pm CST.
    A lot of people are counting on us for a Merry Christmas. Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for doing this Anthony. I'll start the bidding @ $25.

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  3. Grumpy

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    Wow, what a very cool, an generous thing/things to donate. I will bump that bid to $35 :)
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