My KSW12 Subwoofer blew a voice coil.

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Brian Tambe, Jan 14, 2019 at 2:21 AM.

  1. Brian Tambe

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    I ordered a Reference Series Subwoofer to replace my Synergy Series that blew a voice coil. I’m really surprised that a Sub not quite 3 years old did this. I did have it at a high volume, my Klipsch KG4’S handled the power effortlessly, however , the KSW 12 didn’t survive. I replaced my original KSW12 ( purchased in April 2000 ) in March of 2016 with another KSW12 from Amazon!! I noticed the back was set up differently with a different LFE input and the entire rear panel was different than my original one. The amp went out in my original KSW12 and now a voice coil in the next one that isn’t quite 3 years old. I got a really good price on the Reference Series Klipsch R120SW ( Brand New ) I’m hoping this one will hold up better at high volumes and give an overall better listening experience!!
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  2. TPettenati

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    Bay Area, CA
    I have one of the original ksw-12s and it's still working. But it doesn't get much usage. I always felt it was good for LFE home theater usage but was not very musical.

    I didn't know there was a second generation ksw-12. I wonder if they went class D for the amp.

    Let us know how the reference series works out. I think you'll like it better for music, because it's front firing woofer instead of a down-firing
  3. Brian Tambe

    Brian Tambe Active Member

    I will , for sure , give my review of this new subwoofer. The fact that its front firing has me excited because every review says the sound is improved with the front fire design.

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