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My Love For the Mac 4100

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by SiliconTi, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. SiliconTi

    SiliconTi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Hampshire
    I have to say, the Mac 4100 is such great receiver - and I have owned dozens of receivers..

    My biggest like? All those I/Os. Here is the list:

    Phono 1
    Phone 2
    Aux 1
    Aux 2
    Tape 1 I/O
    Tape 2 I/O (Rear jacks)
    Tape 2 I/O (Front Jacks)
    Headphone 1
    Headphone 2
    Speakers Set 1
    Speaker Set 2
    Speaker Set 3

    The manual says nothing about running set 1,2,3 in any order - the 100W/75W power amp can drive a 2 Ohm load, so it does not matter how many you run.

    Add on to that a Mono button, FM Muting, 5 band EQ, adjustable Loudness and full featured AM/FM Tuner. Plus, LED power meters.

    OK, the vinyl casework is weak, but I have a custom mahogany case on mine and it looks great. And, some do not like the "non-McIntosh" look, but it is OK and usable.

    I have two of these, and I really can not see ever "upgrading" them.
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  2. CohibaJoe

    CohibaJoe AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Jersey
    There is a following for the 4100...I had sent 1 out to Terry for a complete Recap and Audio upgrade. After 6 months I sold it. I have since sold 98% of my SS.
    Have the Luxman L-100U, Marantz 7T/Lux M117 and PrimaLuna and this I can Live with.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  3. eedork

    eedork AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southern Maine
    They are sweet receivers for sure. I had one and sold it - I wish I had kept it!

  4. sberger

    sberger Hard Core Geezer Subscriber

    I like the sound of my C24/MC2105 combo a little more, but when I had a 4100 it was a great performer. And you're right about the ability to drive loads. I drove a stack set of AR 3a's and AR 3's and the 4100 never got warm. Sounded amazing. And FM reception was terrific. If I was ever going to trade in my separates and go to a receiver the 4100 would be my first choice.
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  5. 62caddy

    62caddy Trust but verify Subscriber

    Mc hit it out of the park with the MAC4100.
  6. EyeGee

    EyeGee Big Ears Subscriber

    Northern California
    It's a great receiver and I kind of regret trading mine in for a 4300V, but I really wanted the remote. One of the downgrades is that the 4300V has a mono button, but that just affects the FM reception while I believe the 4100's mono button turns all sources into mono. 4300V also lacks a front 1/4" plug input and has a mere 1 (one) headphone jack.


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  7. chef free

    chef free AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hayward, Ca
    I used to run stacked (4 ohm) Infinity Qb AND a 4 ohm Velodyne sub with the MAC 4100, it barely got warm...
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  8. longgone

    longgone AK Subscriber Subscriber

    let the good times roll...
  9. SiliconTi

    SiliconTi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Hampshire
    Correct, and very handy for old mono recordings and testing speaker polarity.

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