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My New Compost Bins

Discussion in 'Non-audio related DIY' started by jheu02, May 7, 2018.

  1. jheu02

    jheu02 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Carolina
    I put the last set of bins together by stapling chicken wire to discarded wood pallets. They held up well for several years, however, compost, doing what it does best, ate away at the wood of the pallets til they basically disintegrated on the lower parts. So, after looking at several DIY bins online, this is what I came up with:





    I made them of pressure treated lumber ... 2x4, 2x6, and 5/8" "dog ear" fence planks. 1/2" mesh galvanized hardware cloth and lots of deck screws. Hopefully the treated lumber will hold together better than the pallets did, though it's not specifically rated for ground contact.
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  2. mfrench

    mfrench AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Over by Rainbow
    Those look fantastic!
    Mine: turkey wire wrapped around steel stakes (all built and provided by the previous owner here). It works, but, spills out all around the sides.

    In a slight deviation, I recently drove past a property where the owner had collected pallets, and arranged them around the property line, like a picket fence, complete with white paint. It took a minute to realize what I was looking at; then I cracked up.
  3. olson_jr

    olson_jr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pilgrim Hills Michigan

    We did one like yours in the back corner of our lot when we lived in a subdivision. Worked quite well and I kept on top of things to make sure it didn't get ripe smelling.

    One day the neighbor kittycorner behind us started bitching to me about the smell. She said it smelled like skunk and she couldn't even come out into her backyard. Neither my wife or I could smell it but I moved it to the opposite corner of the yard to appease her. She still complained to us but there was nothing more I could do.

    Then one day I could smell something strange in the yard. The wind was coming out of the East so I looked over our next door neighbor's privacy fence. Between his garage and the two privacy fences he had a little pot growing garden, it looked like a centerfold from HighTimes magazine.

    Mentioned the neighbor behind him and their 'skunk' smell complaints and he said he was bummed when I moved my compost bin as that was his cover.

    Never even offered me a sample.

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