My Sansui 400 just stopped working

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by matmat, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Mr. Nick

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    Personally I would use DBT with 60W bulb. 100W bulb may not lit up bright enough.
    I think you can test DBT with any cheap electrical device. Place it on concrete floor and see there's no flammable material nearby for example to be absolutely sure. Also you can check the wiring with DMM continuity mode.

    It's good to replace output pair for channel. Not all 4, if one channel works fine.
    I think majority here are to learn :)
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    Well I just plug in the bugger... If the bulb stays on... you have a short somewhere. Turn it off quickly.
    I usually do.
    Use your DBT afte the new outputs are in place, remember to use mica insulators with a fresh non conductive thermal paste. (you can find some tutorials of that on youtube)
    Remember to test the power supply section for shorts, (rectifier & semiconductors).
    Please keep asking and sharing some pics :thumbsup:
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    Thank you both!

    How do I do that? Do I also do it before the DBT test?
    Also, do you second Mr. Nick's recommendation for a 60W instead of 100W?

    I will post pictures of the DBT when I put it together, and of the Sansui once I've put the new outputs in!
  4. Hipocrates

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    Check on youtube "how to test diodes, and rectifier". Great videos there.
    On your unit, Since I don't have an unit on hand I'm looking on the schematic. And the parts that you have to look, and (may serve you well for practice and get to know your amp) are this.


    On how to read schematics, take a look on this.

    And just in case the transistors 2SC458 are well know troublemakers.
    If you can post some pics I probably can help you better since I'm not an expert and my english is kind of lame
    The 60w bulb will do.
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