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My son passed......

Discussion in 'AK News' started by BillWojo, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. jblnut

    jblnut Don't Overthink It Subscriber

    Boston Area
    My most sincere condolences to you and your family. There is no pain greater than losing a child. I have two teenage sons and worry about all of the possibilities and uncertainties that lie ahead. This hits close to my home as my oldest would seem to share many similarities to your son - everything from the social awkwardness to the deep and complete love of listening to and playing music.

    My heart truly goes out to you.

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  2. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 Super Member

    East-Central Iowa
    Our condolences Bill. I lived in Asheville from 2012-2015 so probably did not cross paths with Will but I'm sure he loved it down there...I did! My wife is an RN working in psych and she's going back for her NP so between the mental health connection, the Asheville connection, the AK connection, and other things I won't mention here...this hits close to home. If you ever need to talk or anything feel free to reach out.
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  3. JosephH

    JosephH AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Apple Country, WNY
    My sincere & heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
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  4. johnda

    johnda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southold, NY
    I am deeply sorry, Bill

    I know hard it was for you to write about your son. You, your son and your family are in our prayers.
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  5. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    In the course of my job I deal with all manner of suffering humanity. Despite that I am still sensitive to being witness to the lowest times in other people's lives. It is harrowing to be exposed to this. Their suffering can be a mental affliction, a physical affliction or the combination of both. My role is minor. My sympathy for the sufferers and their families is genuine. I see some horrible things that bring tears to my eyes every week. I use my fraught feelings as motivation to do everything in my limited power to make a difference.

    The anguish of the loved ones, the onlookers who are in intimate relationships with the actual sufferer, is another layer to the situation. Theirs might not be the physical pain, but the turmoil is real, the anguish is real. All I can do is genuinely be there for them.

    I often wish I could magically take this all away for them.

    None of us can avoid what is in store for use. None of us know what just around the corner for us. Nor can we prepare for it. The most we can hope for is that there might be someone to be of aid in our moment of need. There will always come that moment of need. It is incumbent upon the rest of us to offer what assistance we can, where we can. If we cannot eliminate suffering, we can show support for those we see suffering. It is a meaningful gift to the sufferer and their loved ones. Don't think that your small contribution to ease another's suffering is too insignificant to be worth offering. Even small interventions can be a soothing balm as they are a show of unity. They help the sufferer see that they are not facing this situation alone and bereft of help.
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  6. braincramp

    braincramp Active Member

    Freeport, Illinois
    I'd love to say something that would help but I know I can't. I am truly sorry for your loss.


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  7. GordonW

    GordonW Speakerfixer Subscriber

    Marietta/Moultrie GA USA
    Bill, I will start by saying I can hardly even imagine what you're going through.

    I will say this, though- as my roommate says "we're all broken, somehow". The luckier of us manage to find a group of people who can support us when we fall down, and within which we can also help others when they fall down. It sounds like Will tried his best to support others, but wasn't as lucky finding people to support him in a way that he could deal with. I can relate to that- I've been there- not to that degree, but it's easy to think that nobody "gets" you, and that's a really bad rabbit-hole to go down.

    I work with a Japanese animation convention- which I sometimes call "the geek sanctuary"- only half in jest. It has truly been a home for people who thought they didn't have a place in the world, or anyone that could relate to them- it's rewarding to hear people say "I didn't know there were people who are LIKE ME out there!". It's a real boost to people's self-worth, when this can happen.

    It's just sad that Will never seemed to find that support structure that worked for him. And it sounded like it wasn't for lack of trying on anyone's part. There shouldn't be any guilt about that- we can only do what we can do- just sadness that a solution wasn't found in time...

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  8. jelly_bean

    jelly_bean AK Subscriber Subscriber

    So incredibly sad and sorry to hear this Bill. I have no words.
  9. onepixel

    onepixel .

    Sorry to hear the sad news. Condolences to you and all your loved ones.
  10. jhoyt

    jhoyt Incomprehensible space llama

    Bill, my heart breaks as I read the story of your son's life. I know how devastating depression can be, as both my wife and 18 year old son have been seriously affected by it. My prayer for you and your family is that God's grace would cover you, His peace would fill you, and that you and your family would be drawn close to one another and to Him.

  11. Bucky Badger

    Bucky Badger AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Oregon City Or.
    My deepest thoughts and prayers are being sent out to you, your family and to all those whose life Will touched. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I can tell that you were a bit teary at the end because I certainly was. God Bless.


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  12. noogies

    noogies My Favorite Woofers. Subscriber

    So sorry to hear this and sorry also that I missed this thread until now. My thoughts are with you and I wish I had something better than words to ease your pain. At that, all I can say is stay strong and feel free to lean on your friends at AK anytime you need a boost.
  13. doctor fuse

    doctor fuse AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Victoria, BC, CANADA
    Condolences, Bill.
  14. r_brumett61

    r_brumett61 Active Member

    I feel for you and your family! I too lost my son 8 years ago. Try to stay strong for your family and yourself,
    Rick Brumett and my Son Kevin!!!!
  15. Freds.Bands

    Freds.Bands Live Music Listener Subscriber

    near Syracuse NY
    You wrote so soon after his passing; you told his story very well. I am tearing up after just reading it. I send you some thoughts that comfort me about the future with such huge loss.

    'The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not get over the loss of a loved one. You will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss. You will be whole again, but you never be the same. Nor should be the same, nor would you want to.'
  16. fanghorn

    fanghorn AK Member Subscriber

    Dupont, WA
    Oh my! I am so sorry to hear of this, my thoughts are with you and your family...I must say I do really enjoy the buskers here in Seattle and will always stop and listen to them....


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  17. kve777

    kve777 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    South Jersey, near Philly
    Losing a child is life's highest hurdle. I lost my brother to depression and a pistol. It was a tough time, I understand the pain. I know you to be strong, so you will go on, but never forget.

    If you need anything, even just to talk, give me a call. I'll be there for you, my friend.
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  18. Dingman

    Dingman Do you know where your towel is? Subscriber

    Des Moines, Ia
    hey man, thanks for sharing. I don't have anything to say, words don't work for this, IMO.

    Take Care,
  19. RS Steve

    RS Steve Tube Junkie Subscriber

    Jupiter, Florida
    No words can possibly do justice here, just know my families thoughts and prayers are with you Bill.
  20. markshan

    markshan Sir Thrift a Lot Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I literally can't imagine anything more devastating.

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