NAD 7130 and Sonance 260x3.....headphones?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Modplod, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Modplod

    Modplod New Member

    I have been happy with my NAD 7130 receiver, love the sound but always thought maybe 30wpc wasn't enough..

    I picked up a Sonance 260 X3, rated at 60 wpc and thought it sounded pretty good but then I realized I had nowhere to plug in my headphones. The Sonance does not have a headphone jack and the one on the NAD is disabled when you use it as a preamp.

    The sonance does have line out RCA sockets if that would give me some options

    Thank you


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  2. TomBig58

    TomBig58 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've almost always used my 7130 as a pre. You could try RCA to headphone jack at those line outs but not sure what the line stage output current to feed headphones would be. An RCA wye connector at the pre-out/main in jumper might be best. I've used this configuration on other receivers to bi-amp speakers. For example: the 30A NAD powers the highs while the sonance powers the woofers. Your NAD phones jack would work.
  3. Modplod

    Modplod New Member

    I found an old Fiio headphone amp in my drawer and hooked it up to the pre amp out on the NAD. Connected the headphones and it worked. Have just ordered piggyback cables and a better headphone amp so should be good....thanks for the advice

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