NAD 7140 Stereo Receiver

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  1. darklife

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    Curious of opinions on this one.


    Got this in trade for cleaning out a friends laptop that had beer spilled into it and I do love its sound so far. It seems to have a bit of punch but the phono stage may need a filter cap replacement as it hums slightly. I use an outboard phono preamp anyways.

    Pretty much got it in minty condition, few scratches but nothing I can't live with. Controls were scratchy but some deoxit cleaned them right up.
    Receiver in this is probably one of the best I have used in some time for reception and rejection but lacks a lot of features. The greenish/yellow blue display is odd in that I swear a foot away it looks like it's green/yellow, but at a far distance it looks blueish. I bet cameras can't reproduce the color right. It looks old school oscilloscopeish at night, the photo doesn't do it justice at all.

    No frills stereo on the outside, but on the inside I am impressed. I repair stereo systems so to see this thing opened up was a little of a head scratcher as to why it was so well built inside but so dull and unimpressive looking on the outside, but the sound says it all.
    This is going to take the permanent place of my Sherwood S-9200CP as it has more power reserve (up to 3db over 40 watts RMS at 4-8ohm) and a much better tuner section. Oddly both of these stereos came out around the same time and were on the hifireview site as good priced systems for what you got back then but this one was the real star of them all even as fugly as it is.... it's growing on me I suppose :p

    So anyone else own one? Opinions, issues?

    I had to replace a 1/10th of an amp fuse upon getting it. The fuse had a 0.22Ohm resistor inside of the fuse with a hair sized wire springed to quick blow! I just soldered on a 0.22ohm resistor across the blown fuse itself for now and popped it back in and works fine. Probably vibrated itself loose internally causing both AM and FM reception to be only static. After doing that it picks up all stations wonderfully.
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    You may want to try recapping this one, you might find that the phono stage sounds better than the phono preamp you are currently using.

  3. Todd Dodds

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    I like the looks of it. No nonsense.
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    First stereo receiver I bought was the 7155. It is still one of my faves. Im guessing it sounds real close/identical to the 7140, just with a little more power. Really like the "bass EQ" (or something like that) button, it is just right.

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