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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by hollowaudio, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. hollowaudio

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    I'm looking at moving my 2ch listening system to this item:

    My guess is this will replace my old AVR and I will need optical outputs on all my devices, as this has no analog . I mainly play offline downloaded 24 bit files from spotify through my android as the source. I use aux to RCA but that goes to wifi with this model.

    Anyone have thoughts about this pure digital move? I'm still educating myself here, any opinions welcomed.


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  2. robert_kc

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    Midwest USA
    I have an NAD D 3020 Class D amp that I use in my office for general internet use, and for summertime (i.e., when it's too hot to run my tube amps). The NAD D 3020 sounds OK. It takes longer to boot up (16 seconds) than my tube amps take to warm up. The "touch-sensitive" controls are a PITA. OTOH, the amp is very small and light. Bottom line - the NAD D 3020 doesn't sound as musical as my tube amps, but performs OK, and is cheap. For hi-res recordings of classical music, I prefer my vintage tube amps.

    I'm currently listening to a 24bit/96kHz recording of Dvorak Symphony 9. I've switched between a professionally restored Scott 299B and my NAD D 3020. The vintage Scott sounds better. Perhaps not a fair comparison, given that the NAD Class D amp is cheaper.

    P.S. I just switched to an Altec 353A amp (6L6GC output tubes). Very musically satisfying sound. It depends of the genre of music you listen to, and the quality of recordings (i.e., hi-res vs. compressed), and your budget. You'll get OK sound from an NAD Class D amp, and the NAD is very compact, but IME a quality tube amp is more musical.
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