Nakamichi CD Player 3

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by mr_wetland, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Anybody know anything about this unit? I picked one up today from a guy who was going to throw it out, he said something was jammed in it. It is multi-play, I think it stores 7 CD's. I will open it up tonight to see what I can see, but I figure in general Nakamichi made pretty good stuff, so if I can get her going it will be a keeper.


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  2. wsjoe

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    I didn't realize this is a multi player. I have the CD Player 4 and it's a single player. Not a high end on the 4 for sure but it's a great cd player for general purpose.
  3. geiman

    geiman E Wave appellation #49

    Nak's use really good D/A converter ICs, It will sound great.
  4. After having it apart (several times) to see what I can do with it, it seems pretty likely that the belts are done. They are still in one piece, but aren't doing the job of pulling the drawer in and out. I can get music out of it when I manually get the drawer out, put a disk in and help it close, so that's good. Any idea where I can get replacements?
  5. eThink

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    Nakamichi MusicBank CD Players

    I own four of these Nakamichi CD Players. I have two MB2 players in my home theatre systems and a CDP2 and a CDP3 unit in storage. I love the sound, multi-disc capabilities and the overall build quality. These units use twin Burr-Brown DACs. :thmbsp:

    If you search the the AK Forums, you will find that there are other AK fans of these Nakamichi CD Players. Here is a link to a thread to help you get started

    Replacement belts are available for these Nakamichi Music Blank players. I believe that the "CDP" series and the "MB" series use the same belts. Replacement belts for these units are currently available on ebay: and
  6. Well, I installed two new belts in it tonight, including the important one that wasn't pulling the drawer in and out, and I am pleased to announce that it was a success. I am very impressed with the sound coming out of this unit. Maybe it's because I want to be impressed, but to me it was very worth $18.95 and a couple of hours of work. Can't figure out how to get at the belt that lifts and lowers the laser unit, but it seems to be functioning fine so far so I'm going to leave it alone.
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  7. lasminit2

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    Belts are generally the only problems with these, and as noted above, they are easily obtainable. The parts quality is very high, and on the CDP2 at least, the dual 20 bitBurr Brown D/A converters are a huge plus. I am always amazed that such an early CD player can read CD/R/RW discs...but these have no problem. Terry DeWick tells me that the MusicBank / CDPlayer design was the basis for some of the best McIntosh CD Players, and that the caps used on both the power supply and audio boards are top notch. Bottom line: IMHO the CDPlayer2 has beat several recent models (Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Marantz and [barely] NAD C542). These units are a pleasure to use. Great sound and beefy build are a sweet blend in a CDP you can find for pretty cheap! They were quite $$$expensive$$$ (upwards of a grand for the CDP2, 2RC) when new.

    The (super high quality) motorized remote volume control is a seemingly silly feature that I have grown to love: the perfect compliment to any older system when you are crashed on the Main Listening Couch and realize that your Silver Faced Receiver (supply a favorite here) needs to be be turned up or down a bit. I might be getting a little lazy....
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  8. Van73

    Van73 Active Member

    I know this is an old thread however, I have always wondered if there is a sound quality difference between Fixed and Variable outputs?
  9. lasminit2

    lasminit2 Well-Known Member

    Well, it took me a while to spot this question.

    I asked Terry DeWick about this a while back, and I don't recall the technical explanation (and almost certainly didn't understand it) but he basically said that Nakamichi used a method that prevented audible signal degradation,however slight, with the volume pot. Now, that begs the question "So, why have variable AND fixed outs?"
    I don't know, but I really can't hear any difference at equal volume. The little motorized pot is an Alps and appears to be very high quality. Also, it has been very convenient having two sets of outputs when testing other gear. Hope this late reply helps someone :yes:
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  10. bwv1

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    I hope one of you Nak CD Player 3 experts sees this. Mine is functionally dead: switching it on produces nothing visible nor audible, nothing works, nothing "turns on" and nothing lights up. The transformer IS sending current to the big internal PCB. That's where my ability to troubleshoot stops. All connectors appear to be connected. Any ideas as to what may have failed?
  11. qdrone

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    Does it have an internal fuse? I always check for a bad fuse.


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