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Nakamichi CR-1A no record function

Discussion in 'Tape' started by ivo, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. ivo

    ivo Active Member

    Hi guys, is there anybody with experience with this Nak? Mine is working fine except the record function.The red light does not appear and the record function is not available at all. I cleaned up the contacts of the switch for the recordable cassette with fine (2000) sandpaper then blow with air, then DX5, then again air. No result!
    The red recording indicator. I have 102mV on the bottom contact of the recording switch when a recordable cassette is in the cassette bay and nothing when the door is open, so the switch looks like ok.
    Is this a bad bulb which preventing the record function??
    Thanks for any answer, help or advice!!


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  2. ivo

    ivo Active Member

    Ok, I fixed it! Somebody intentionally removed pin 5 from harness c4 and disconnected the record function. Now the Nak deck is working perfectly!!
    I'm wondering why it had been done?? The deck makes wonderful records - clear and crispy!! Hm-m, different people - different desires...

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