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    I just finished working rounds 1 & 2 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Most of the scalpers were from out of town. They were passing counterfeit $50 and $100 bills for the tickets they were buying. I saw two different $100 bills, both were obviously counterfeit, but in the heat of the moment the buyers didn't notice nor could they describe the scalper with specific details on what he was wearing etc.

    And the tickets themselves could have been used for one game of the two game sessions and passed off at exit and resold.

    You should also be aware that there is no re-entry to the venue, once you leave you may not return. I got to work one gate as the enforcer for the sold out day 2.

    Get your tickets from a known good source! Don't feed the trolls.
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    support legalized scalping, order online.
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