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Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by Galaxie65, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Galaxie65

    Galaxie65 Always looking for new gear to try Subscriber

    Denver, Colorado
    So I use play way back in another life it feels like and I still have the itch for gear. I came across some gear and decided to take a plunge even with me being out of the game for awhile. But I'm a little rusty and need some advice/info on some stuff.

    I snagged what looks to be a nice
    Sovtek Mig 100H
    Fender type 295 Blues Jr
    Fender Princeton Chorus
    Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
    Supra Distortion FX 55C
    Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive
    Unknown speaker box (Might be Sovtek or Marshall. Haven't cracked it open, but looks close to these two)
    Gibson Marauder
    Gibson The Hawk
    Epiphone Bass (Haven't checked numbers yet)
    Fender Telecaster guitar kit
    Trace Elliot bass cabinet (Not sure of model off top of my head)

    Not sure if this is great stuff or middle of the road. I've looked into some of it but wanted to have a musicians view of it, not just a price point. I don't think this forum has a dollar and sense for musical gear only does it?


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  2. Binkman

    Binkman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Chapel Hill, NC
    Greetings Galaxie65!
    Quite a list. (I'm 66y/o and got back into guitars about 3 yrs ago and I was never really a speed fingering player and enjoy fixing up and tuning.)
    As far as commenting on stuff you've already purchased.. anybody can compare$ on an item and find market prices vary all over nationally and even internationally. So no big $ issue as long as you're not selling as that is for the subscriber for sale forum. thus imo I think dollars and sense is rather silly to make a decision based on 'brand' alone?

    I never bought a pre selected parts kit for a guitar complete but I put this 61' Tele reproduction together from accurate dimensional suppliers aftermarket components. about 5? got beat up a little on shipping costs.. but all in all a pretty nice guitar anyone could play and perform with.
    bink (Jeff)
  3. Ross6860

    Ross6860 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Canton, Ohio

    Just my opinion so YMMV

    Just the two Gibsons and the Blues Jr would be a great way to get back into playing.

    Enjoy getting it all back up to playing condition.

    Unless you gig, you'll probably sell the Mig 100h. Five watts is plenty for my house, 15 or 20 watts gets me in trouble. !00 watts? Earplugs...

    Have fun

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