Need advice on which sansui amp to buy

Discussion in 'Sansui Equipment Database' started by WJMR, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. WJMR

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    I have a pair of Sansui SP 2500x and Sansui SP 5500x speakers that need the perfect amp. I have the TU 9500 tuner and have a chance to buy the AU 999 or the AU 8500. What would be the best match for these speakers? I also have the SPX 8900's and the SPX 6000's. The AU 999 is $460 in MINT CONDITION and the AU 8500 is $500 in good condition.


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    You have posted your question in the 'Sansui Equipment Database' section of the forum - you will get more/better responses in the correct part of the forum.

    Many others have made the same mistake, so it is understandably difficult to tell, however you should be here

    Welcome to AK!

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