Need advice re: Fisher CA-862A

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by snowdrifta421, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. snowdrifta421

    snowdrifta421 New Member

    Hi, I recently aquired this Fisher model CA-862A. It Powers on :thmbsp: and then after a few seconds, :thumbsdn: it shuts off, any ideas??
    Thanks in advance :worried:


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  2. bully

    bully member

    Near Lafayette, Indiana
    No idea about the problem
    The integrated amp dates from the end of the 80s and is probably (based on models numbered above and below) 100 wpc.
    Not sure about the quality, but if it is beefy, hopefully one or more of techie guys will chime in with some suggestions.
  3. yrly

    yrly Breaking records is good?

    Buffalo NY
    If its one of those what I call "standard formula" 100wpc jobs that are a dime a dozen from the 80s I'd say forget it, unless it is something simple like a DC offset adjustment. The cost of the replacement Toshiba discretes that most of the bigger amps use is often more than the cost of finding a replacement of the amplifier.

    Unless... if you're lucky maybe its one of the ones that needs the remote to turn on, hence flipping the main switch puts it into standby mode. In which case it clicks on for a few seconds on the powerup and kicks off into "standby". May or may not need a remote to turn it off or on. This model sounds familiar and I probably have one, but where I'm not sure at the moment.
  4. OldHiFiJunke

    OldHiFiJunke New Member

    These don't need a remote i own one there 20 lbs receivers and probably are the dime a dozen status receivers but there 120 rms per channel at 0.2% THD!!! Not to shabby for a cheapo and ill say this i have some big boys from the late 70's a Realistic sta-2100 and a Technics sa-700 and this receiver keeps up with both of them besides maybe the Realistic is just a pinch more on the high end i would not trade my big boys from one of these not even close but if you want cheap power these little guys will deliver it is currently powering a set of dual 15" pro studio's and it hammers them hard!
  5. stillspin'n

    stillspin'n Active Member

    southwest missouri
    Do you know the history on this amp? Seems to have a standby circuit that turns on the main power transformer, so something could be going on there. Have you checked the output transistors, could one or more be bad, causing DC on the outputs causing the amp to shut down? If it has a bad output, check the bias transistor, they seem to be a problem in these amps, I have had to replace them in all the ones I have repaired with bad outputs.

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