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Need help knowing what sort of integ. amp. I need for speakers.

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by MKP0, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. MKP0

    MKP0 New Member

    I hope this is the right area to post this.
    I have a pair of Infinity 6RS Kappa speakers. I found the spec page online but I don't understand it at all.
    Can someone help me out and tell me what I should make sure of when searching for integrated amps, please?
    Attached is the spec page I found online.

    Attached Files:


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  2. MKP0

    MKP0 New Member

  3. Samac

    Samac Active Member

    N.E. Ohio
    Hey, MKP0

    The Kappa 6RS looks to be a sealed box 4ohm speaker with a ten inch woofer. I would want at least a hundred watts with a brawny power supply from my amp get the best from the speakers drivers, especially the ten inch woofer which looks to handle frequencies from 800Hz down. You don't state a budget but I'd look at integrateds from NAD, Yamaha, Nuprime, Wyred 4 Sound, Marantz, just to name a few.


  4. E.Man

    E.Man Super Member

    Bega Valley, Australia
    As above.

    There's also an Infinity section on this site that you could ask in as well.
  5. johnda

    johnda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southold, NY
    The 4 ohm impedance is what to look out for. 80-100 watts per channel and ability to use 4 ohm speakers. Yamaha, NAD come to mInd.
  6. JMiP

    JMiP AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Carolina
    You want to look for a receiver/amp that states in its manual that it's OK to run 4 ohm speakers on them. My current JVC integrated amp states that it's OK to run 4 ohm speakers as long as they are the only ones being used. My amp is rated at 65 wpc for an 8 ohm load and 90 (95?) wpc for a 4 ohm load. I am currently using a pair of AR-2ax speakers, which are 8 ohms, but man, they need some volume to get them to their potential.


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