Need help with some JBL L110s

Discussion in 'The Lansing Legacy' started by goldswimmerb, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. goldswimmerb

    goldswimmerb Active Member

    Hey guys, so I recently aquired some L110s from a goodwill, they're beat to hell but nothing's too broken to fix, right?

    Anyway, I've gone ahead and reformed both woofters, pulled out the pushed in tweeters (and tested), and replaced the midrange driver's as the cones were torn.

    Now I've run into a more difficult issue. One of the speakers midrange appears to be trying to play the woofers frequency. The woofers plays as normal but i can hear the midrange trying to reproduce the bass frequencies, and can also feel it on the cone. Im having a hard time figuring out what would cause this, especially since the other speaker is fine. The impedance on the back directly changes in reference to the L-Pad for the midrange, moving it up caused the speakers to show an 18ohm load and moving it down shows a 10 ohm load. Any ideas of what's busted?

    They're using the N110 crossover design if that helps at all.


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  2. EarlK

    EarlK Well-Known Member

    Richmond Hill, Ont.

    I'd recommend pulling each network and then reflowing all the solder joints.

    It also sounds like you've lost the pin 1 connection of the mid-range Lpad.

    Hopefully the midrange substitution was made using the same JBL make + model ( or a JBL functional substitution ) .

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  3. goldswimmerb

    goldswimmerb Active Member

    Thanks for the insight, I was guessing something was up with the L-Pad.

    As for replacement drivers, went with LE5-6s since they were black and according to all sources the same driver with a different trim.
  4. z-adamson

    z-adamson Super Member

    Bypass the lpads to confirm.

    I bypassed the lpads on my L110s, much better that way.

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