Need Help With Tele Concerto 9U Radio....

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by racfan9, May 17, 2018.

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    Good Evening All...Couple years ago I purchased a mint looking Telefunken Concerto 9U radio, I knew it wasn't powering up but took a chance hoping it might be something simple. Well I decided to dive into it yesterday and after a little testing figured it must have a bad power transformer, see pics. Anyway do any of you German radio enthusiasts know of any possible substitutes that can be used, or am I going to find an original one? If I remember correctly it has two wires for 110v and 4 wires for heaters and such. Any info will be much appreciated .

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    A number of Telefunken or Grundig power transformers will work in that radio. Mono, seven tubes with an EL84 power tube, no tube rectifier but a full wave bridge rectifier. 250-250 VAC on the secondary.
    Very common specs. Two things to make sure of, beside the similarities I mentioned, is that the new one fits, physically, and that the donor radio was made for an Export market to the US (so it has the option for a 110V or 125V primary.)

    You could do a WTB on Bartertown or on the antique radio forum classified section. There have got to be a lot of busted up parts radios out there.

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